Leeds, UK - SOLD OUT!

The trip from London to Leeds wasn't really what we expected. Some four hours drive was the plan but before we were really there it had passed over six hours. The whole evenings time schedule was fucked. Except from heavy traffic in the Leeds area the biggest issue was the major accident that had occurred in the highway between London and Leeds. What we had to see when we drove past this terrible accident made me feel really bad afterwards. I think this was the worst crash i have seen in real life and it kind of paralyzed my mind for some time afterwards, just staring out the window with an empty sight. I couldn't get the picture of that car off my mind. A Mercedes E-Class that is normally slightly under 5m long, was less than 1m long in this piece of wreck. Apparently it also had humans inside that pile of metal. Someone died there for sure and it was terrible to see. That someone ended his/her life on valentines day in the busy highway. It felt terrible. Life is not fair.

Anyway, the place we were originally planned to play in Leeds had closed down right after this tour was planned, so we had the choice of canceling the Leeds show and go straight to Glasgow, or play wherever they will welcome us in Leeds and do a punk show. If we're here we should play, right? So we did the punk show in the cellars of a hotel in Leeds. But it was sold out and packed.

Today we are driving from Leeds to Glasgow. We will start much earlier to make sure we don't end up two hours too late as we did yesterday. Today is also my birthday, and i never thought i would spend my birthday in Scotland :-)

André's hat says "100% Professional" but the London-Leeds trip was too much for him
Air Condition Fail. Our touring van doesn't really have all the coolest features...
I thought i had seen everything, but then i came to the backstage in Leeds :-)

Posted by: Pixie

Oh vilken vacker loge <3

Svar: joråsatte...
Michael Bohlin

2013-02-15 @ 12:18:43
Posted by: Carine

Verkligen hög Rock Star-halt :)

Svar: Verkligen :-)
Michael Bohlin

2013-02-15 @ 14:32:47

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