South America wrap-up

Home sweet home! Even though it has been a great adventure in many ways, touring through Sound America and Central America, it's always the same when you get back home... Piece of mind. I love it and i need it. Now i will not touch my guitars again until mid-July when we have our next shows; the Rockharz Festival in Germany, the Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic and the Bang your head Festival in Germany.

We have been travelling through 4 time zones, 7 countries, 6 cities, doing 5 shows with 10 flights in 12 days. I am jet-lagged and fucked up, but i cannot stress this enough; THANK YOU ALL PAINHEADS! I must say honestly that i was not ready for this reaction or response, and all of you crazy Painheads of South America and Central America have all proved me wrong. I am happy you all proved me wrong. The thing is that i never thought that we had so many fans over there, but from now on i will just shut up, hehe. I have many good memories from this tour that will sit there forever in my heart.

After an early breakfast with Michael Kiske, Macke Ring and Johan Husgafvel we went to the airport in Mexico City. I wished i had time to spend a few more days in this place, as it is an interesting city indeed. I wanted to see Templo Mayor (as the title of the old 8th Sin song) so i guess i have to come back here at some point! Anyway, our flight to Madrid took 11 hours, then we waited in Madrid for another 4 hours until the last flight took us to Stockholm in another 4 hours. So all in all it took me about 23 hours door-to-door Mexico City to Stockholm. It was a long trip and it sucked out the last energy in me, but i think it was worth it.

Until next time - have a drink on me!

Live in San Jose, Costa Rica

Ticket to the show in Mexico

Tired guys at the airport in Madrid, on our way back home to Sweden

Mexico City

After a early 3 hour flight from Costa Rica we finally arrived in Mexico. We went straight to the hotel to get some more sleep while our crew went straight to the venue. Loads of fans were waiting outside the hotel when we arrived so next time we left the hotel the driver picked us up on the backside... We got a great hotel (same as Gotthard and Unisonic), and we started the morning with breakfast (Breakfastpoints: 6) and then went to sleep for a while in our rooms. This last show of the tour is a bit special as it is a event with 3 bands; Unisonic, Gotthard and "the band that always get into trouble".

Gotthard started the evening (unfortunately i missed most of their show as we arrived late) followed by yours truly and his fellow retards. Our show went great and we had a really good time. I'd say we got treated very well by our Mexican fans, thank you! We also filmed parts of this show for possible use later.
After our show it was Unisonic on stage. Unisonic is the new band where Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske have joined forces again after 23 years. I have always been a big Helloween fan, so to me it was a big thing to be have these guys around, but also Mandy Meyer from Asia. I must say i was totally blown away from Mr Kiskes vocals... He is just amazing, when he was singing parts from the old Priest song "Victim of changes" i died a bit. Total respect!

This morning i had breakfast with Michael Kiske - really nice guy.

The only that remains from this South American / Central American tour now, is a looooooong way back home to Sweden. About 20-22 hours for me and David, but we have the easiest trip of all of us. Some have up to 30 hours to go before they are home again :-)

Beautiful Mexico from above

Mexico City - 9 million people lives here, almost the same as entire Sweden

Just arrived in Mexico City, fans were meeting us at the airport

The view from my hotel. But don't get me wrong, the hotel itself is fantastic!

I am not used to earthquake warnings, coming from Sweden

Peter and me - jalapeno and Corona. Yes we are in Mexico :-)

The only proper drink in Mexico if you ask me

Daysheet for Mexico City

Last show of this tour

The trohpy of the day, thrown up on stage in Mexico City - Pain thong

Unisonic with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske played after us

Johan, David, and me, backstage after the show in Mexico City. Rawk Style

Backstage after the show in Costa Rica the day before

San Jose

After the spectacular day when we had "some difficulties" getting out of Colombia, it felt really good to finally be at stage in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was close to being cancelled if we couldn't get there in time. The show went really good, and i think we did our best show so far on this tour. At least it felt so. Having such big stage makes things so much easier, but also brings out the spirit in all of us to really use the whole stage. We had so much fun on this show, we were just smiling and laughing all the time, and also brought on two extra songs after the final encore just for the fun of it. Thank you San Jose for the great support we got from all of you!

One thing that was funny in San Jose, was all the crazy Pain merchandise that i had never seen before. T-Shirts, hoodies, shorts, caps, coffee mugs, wallets, buttons, stickers, patches, and even pillows!

Next stop is the final show on this South American / Central American tour. We will do the last show together with Gotthard and Unisonic in Mexico City. We are all very thrilled to do this, and i guess everybody also miss home by now. I do anyway.

So, Mexico City, are you ready? We are!

We got our own personal Pain-towels for the show in San Jose :-)

Emanuel is doing soundcheck on Davids drums in San Jose

A happy Peter with the Eleven Rack & Sennheiser rig = Pain backline!

My Jackson is ready to rock in San Jose, right before the show

Loads of Pain merchandise i had never seen before...

Live in San Jose

The line to the signing session was long...

Presents from Painheads in San Jose - handmade miniature guitars :-)

Finally arrived in Costa Rica

Yesterday was a crazy day in Pain world. We never thought when we left Bogota that the day will progress like it did. But sometimes i have to remind myself what band i am in... It shall never be easy, and it shall always hurt in any possible way, and we shall always expect the unexpected - never assume.
Note to self: Remind yourself every day that the band name is Pain.

When we came to the airport in Bogota to jump on our booked flight to San Jose, we were denied to check in right upon arrival in the que. Of course we were missing some stupid document. Yadayada, but we are used to this and we always have some troubles of any kind even if there is normally no trouble (remember the band name again) for "normal" people. As we still had our Colombian promotors around we just took a step back and let them deal with the situation. It got closer and closer to boarding time and they became more and more stressed, with pearls of sweat running down their cheeks. Different backup plans were tossed around: cancel the Costa Rica show and fly directly to Mexico, take a bus to Costa Rica (well, all ideas were not that bright), call the Swedish embassy in Colombia for help (we did with no luck), and so on...

When it was less than 25 minutes to take-off we still haven't checked in, and of course not went through immigration or security either. Then one of the promotors just yelled at us "check-in is closed, but three of you can go!" and just took Peter, Hede and Gerd (without any luggage) and ran with them through check-in, security, immigration and boarding. Obviously they now had found the right papers to go...

Okay. Pause. The situation that was pretty bad in the first place, suddenly got out of control. Here we were at Bogota airport in Colombia, with all luggage of the band (15 bags/cases), it is past take-off for our flight and only three of us went on that plane. Left on the airport with 15 luggage and a sweaty promotor was myself, David, Johan, Macke and Emanuel. Hey hoo, i love to be on tour... What was the band name again?
Then we got the message: "we will be on the next flight (and last this day) to San Jose and we have to bring all luggage. Apparently we now also got the right documents? I was confused. So it was nothing else to do than to wait. Wait and wait. Wait.. and then we waited. 9 hours after we had arrived at the airport, we boarded the plane to San Jose. A terrible bumpy flight (i really hate those flights!) felt like the perfect ending of this crazy day and after crossing Panama we finally landed in Costa Rica.

A suicidal taxi ride in 160km/h with a taxi driver writing SMS at the same time took us to the hotel downtown San Jose and i was in my hotel room around 1am. At this point i was exhausted and just wanted this day to end so i could forget it ever happened, and went into Peters room to see if everything was okay. There i found an empty bottle of Rum and he was missing. Here we go again... So i just gave up, reminded myself of the band name again, and went to sleep. Oh, did i tell you that my room has no windows?

Today i had breakfast at 08:30 (Breakfastpoints: 3) and then went for a walk in the city with David, Johan, Emanuel and Gerd. It is 27 degrees and a humidity of 86% here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Finally i can use the shorts i brought. This is a pretty "small" city with only about 400.000 people but it is located about 1.100 metres above sea level, so better than Bogota, but still not the height we are used to.

I am really looking forward to the show tonight, and i hope our fans understand what we had to go through to get here!  :-)

The memory that will be at the rock club wall after we left Bogota

Lost and confused in Bogota airport, El Dorado

Watching the sun go down in Bogota, during our 9 hours of waiting...

Finally, happily arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica. Better late than never

Breakfastpoints: 3 (rice, black beans, egg, bananas and toast)

San Jose, Costa Rica - palmtrees again! :-)

Having a walk downtown San Jose with David, Emanuel and Johan

Johan and Emanuel outside our hotel

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Ready for Costa Rica

Live in Bogota

Live in Bogota, throwing picks at the audience :-)

Live in Bogota, David throwing drumsticks at the audience :-)

Live in Bogota. Photo: Wilson Ramirez

Live in Bogota. Photo: Wilson Ramirez

Bogota, part II


Damn you were loud! Damn you were hot! Damn you showed us how real Painheads kick ass in Colombia!

This show was close to a riot, and there is only one word to describe it - chaos! The guards had a really hard time holding up the security barriers... I almost passed out a few times on stage and it took me almost an hour to come down to normal pulse again after the show. You gave us everything so we gave you everything! I nearly threw up in the van on our way from the venue, and had difficulties to breath with asthma-like tendencies. Shit, you guys are killing me…! Then i realised why: Bogota is located 2.625 metres above sea level and it is more difficult to breathe here as it is, even without a hot Pain show in a sold out venue :-)

We couldn't get in to the venue before the show as the crowd outside were going totally crazy. We had to drive around the blocks several times until they could find enough guards to create a "human corridor" for us to walk through, from the van into the venue. Then we came back and ran into the venue right up on stage and kicked off the show.

After the show it was even more crazy so we had to run straight from the stage out on the street where our van was waiting with the engine running (surrounded by guards) to get us out of there as soon as possible. We had to do what we could to avoid a riot. Really.

Today we are leaving Colombia and are heading for Costa Rica. San Jose, are you also ready for some Pain?

"The Pro Tools brothers", Emanuel and Macke. The best backline crew in the world!

Got the latest delivery from RAWK with some new clothes to wear!

Found a guy who was balancing a bike on his forehead, in the middle of the street...

After the show in Bogota, Thank you Colombia! Photo: Jeann Andersson


After we had arrived in Bogota yesterday and had our second breakfast that day, we all went to our rooms and fell asleep. I woke up some 4-5 hours later when David told me we are leaving the hotel to go sightseeing. Rise 'n shine!

This is not only a very big city, the heavy traffic seems to be a problem at any point during the day (or night). After a journey through the whole city we ended up halfway up the mountains that surrounds the city. It turned out that up there on the top of the mountain there's a catherdral and you can go there by cablecar / cableway and most of the gang wanted to do this. Okay. It's easy to be cocky when you are on your way there, but when we arrived at the ramp and i looked up... No fucking way! I remember almost shitting my pants when i was in the Eiffeltower in Paris so i knew this is not my cup of tea. Same thing for Peter, Johan and Macke but the rest of the gang went up. So we refused and took a looooong walk down the mountain together with our guides, to downtown Bogota instead.

There we found a bar and ordered a few 1,5 L pitchers of beer and was just watching the heavy traffic with a smile. I will probably always remember this city as the city of buses. I have never seen so many buses and the traffic looks like chaos to me, but probably it's not in their world. I am just not used to it. After a few hours the rest of the gang came and picked us up after their journey to the top of the mountain, and we all went back to the hotel for dinner.

After dinner we went to the rock club where we are doing our show tonight, and had a "meet & greet" signing event. We met loads of happy fans that seemed to be grateful that we have finally made our way to Colombia, and i guess we will see them all at the show tonight. Right now i am in bed at my hotel room writing this blog. I have woke up 05:50 this morning again, pissed off about my jet-lag, managed to sleep a little bit more, then went to breakfast with Johan at 07:00 just to get rid of the feeling of being restless for a while. Breakfastpoints:1.

The rest of this day is planned with lunch, go to the venue and do soundcheck, go back to hotel, dinner, back to venue and do the show, back to the hotel and sleep.

Reality check:
When i realised we were going to South America i was thinking "wow, this will be damn hot". So i packed sun lotion, shorts, swimming trunks and so on. Hahaha! We have barely seen the sun and have not been beyond 19 degrees so far! We have been in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and now Colombia, and still no shorts in the sun. Of course i am just being stupid and didn't remember that this is on the other side of the globe from where we live, so at this time of year it is not that hot. Note to self: check weather report before packing...

Macke, David and Hede before we went to the mountains

We witnessed a fire on our way to the mountains...

This is the cableway up the mountains... I would never do that.

Peter and i just decided that we will not go up there! :-)

Palmtrees again, hehe :-)

Downtown Bogota, Colombia

Downtown Bogota; Johan in the foreground, mountains the the background.

Having a break with some beers

This is by far the coolest concert ticket i've ever seen! :-)

Outside the rock club after the "meet & greet" event

Arrived in Colombia

We left our hotel at 11pm and went to the airport of Sao Paulo. After a long check-in and some food we departured at 03:25 towards Bogota, Colombia. We all fell asleep immediately, even if i always have problems to sleep more than 30-40 minutes at a time, in an aeroplane chair. I wake up all the time so this night didn't really bring me the sleep i needed. The flight was 6 hours and we crossed another two time zones and landed 07:25 in Bogota. We have crossed the bigger part of the Amazonas djungle on the way here. Right before landing we had breakfast on the plane (breakfastpoint:2).

It took us a few hours to get out of the airport and to our hotel in Bogota, but here we are now. We just had breakfast #2 today, and will now spend the day relaxing, probably sleeping... The only schedule for tonight is a "meet & greet" event, and tomorrow we finally have our show here.

Bogota seems to be a beautiful city with about 7 million people. I really like the mountains that is surrounding the city, and the clouds are hanging lower that the top of the mountains!

I miss my beloved at home.

Beautiful Bogota where the mountains are higher than the clouds!

Arrived in Bogota

Having breakfast in the hotel in Bogota right after arrival

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Zynthia Zelaryan

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Zynthia Zelaryan

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Zynthia Zelaryan

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Zynthia Zelaryan

Live in Sao Paulo. Photo Raul Meireles

Live in Sao Paulo. Photo Raul Meireles

Live in Sao Paulo. Photo Raul Meireles

Sao Paulo, part III

Another day in paradise...?

Anyhow, another day with no plans passed. David was working hard to get through his 36 beers, and i was watching movies again. We went to our shop next door to have some beers and food again, and the staff there knows us by now so they know what we will order, hehe.

Around 7pm we took two taxis to Churrascaria Novilho de Prata to celebrate David with a birthday dinner. This place was really something different and a new experience to most of us. They serve a great variation of meat, on a sword-like stick at your table. They have most different types of meat, and they will continue to come with new meat until you flip your little papersign from green to red. You have this little sign at your table next to your plate. The servicepoint here is 11 and you could barely put your glass back on the table before it was filled up again.

One thing that struck my mind was that i have no problems with my pollen allergies! Jiipeee! I haven't even noticed until now that i have no disctractions what-so-ever from that, which at this time of year is a nightmare. So that's the good thing - the bad thing is still the jet-lag waking me up at 5:30 every morning.

Today is the last day here in Sao Paulo, Brasil. We will go to the airport in the middle of the night (as if current jet-lag wasn't enough) and fly to Bogota in Colombia. That will take us 6 hours. Fortunately we don't have a show tomorrow when we arrive there, so we can have a rest and be fresh on thursday for the show. The plans for today is just to hang out at the hotel and rest as much as possible to be on the positive side when we have to fly the whole night and cross another two time zones. I will personally watch a few movies and read a book. The promotor has left the city and we don't speak spanish or portogese. Just like the other days here in Sao Paulo it is raining and only 18 degrees. So this is like Stockholm without the allergy.

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ariel Terreni

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ariel Terreni

A different kind of bottle-opener in Brasil - but it actually works just fine!

If there's a broken bulb on your car, feel free to use a candle instead...

Davids birthday dinner at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata

Cutting meat at Davids birthday dinner (at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata)

Davids birthday dinner at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata

Hedes dessert almost knocked him over...

Outside Churrascaria Novilho de Prata - the sign of stupidity...

I just love palm trees, so i had to take a picture of this one in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, part II

So, what do you do in a city like Sao Paulo with 11 million people, when you have 3 days and no plans? This is supposed to be a sunny city, and it is all cloudy outside and "only" 18 degrees.
By the way, breakfastpoint at this hotel: 2.

We have been told what we can do and what we can not do, what we shall avoid and what we need to keep in mind. Do this, do not do this and so on. Having all that said, it leaves us with few options to actually DO something in this part of the world. After i had woke up way too early again (still jet-lagged) and had breakfast, we took a walk right outside our hotel. It was pretty obvious that there is nothing to do around here if we don't go further, and we are not allowed to. Okay. So i went back up to my room, tucked myself into bed again with my computer and watched a movie. After a while Peter came in and had bought a bag full of Smirnoff Ice for me - he is so sweet... Then he asked if he could borrow my toilet. This is when things started to go wrong. He was in there for a long time and i was still in bed watching my movie. When he finally came out he was yelling something about his poo that would refuse to flush away. He was running in and out of the toilet with different ideas of how to get rid of the smelly damn things swimming around in there. It was four large fellows that just wouldn't go away. Finally he gave up and left my room with a smile and said "your toilet is fucked up now". Thanks...

After the hotel service personell had been in my room to fix the poo-problem, i finished the movie and then went downstairs. Next to our hotel is a small shop, like a combination of a pub/coffee shop/bakery/hang-around. There i found the rest of the gang drinking beers. They had found beers in 1 Litre bottles and were so happy. As no one still had found anything better to do, we hang out in this place for the rest of the day. We drank their beers (and Smirnoff Ice) and ate when ever we felt hungry. When it became dark outside Eric suggested that we all took a cab to a local bar he knew, to continue the party. So we did. I have no idea where we were, but it was a really nice place and we continued our party there.

The next day (today) is Davids birthday. After waking up too early again (DAMN!) i picked up Johan and had breakfast already at 7am. I hate jet-lag. Anyway, we woke up everybody except David, then went to this local shop next door again and asked to buy 36 bottles of beer to our drummer who turns 36 today. It was 8:45 in the morning and they just looked at us, shaking their heads and gave us a quantity discount, hehe... We actually emptied their fridge completely, and it was before 9am!
Then we went back to the hotel with 36 beers, kicked in the door to Davids room and started singing "happy birthday to you" and served the 36 beers to him in bed. The look in his face will be priceless forever!

It is even worse weather today, raining, and we have still no plans what-so-ever. Wish us luck.

Johan having a walk next to our hotel in Sao Paulo

Lining up the 1 Litre bottles of beer at the shop next to our hotel

Sunday dinner in Sao Paulo: Meat, bacon, egg, cheese, ham...
Goodbye calm stomach!

The poo-man, in the streets of Sao Paulo

Eric took us to a bar somewhere in Sao Paulo to continue the party

Party in Sao Paulo

36 beers for breakfast in bed - for the guy who turns 36 today!

Surprise! :-)

Live in Sao Paulo

Live in Buenos Aires

Sao Paulo

Woke up with a jetlag around 04:00 as usual when i am in the wrong time zone. Was tossing and turning until 5:45 when i finally got up and packed our pags. Went for breakfast (brekfastpoints:1) around 06:00 and then we left to the airport. There we ended up in loud discussions with the staff at the counter who refused to take our all our luggage. First of all they could barely understand english, which in my world is needed of you work in an airport, and second, they were not willing to make any exceptions and help us out in any way. I can not recommend this airline to anyone, but i guess i shouldn't mention their name here... Anyhow, with our local promotors help (who could translate) we managed to get out of the situation after more than an hour of heated discussions. We jumped on the plane that took us to Montivideo, Uruguay.

This was a pretty short flight and we landed in Uruguay about 45 mins later. But we had a fantastic view over the shorelines of Buenos Aires on the way there, and i had a laugh when i realised that there's a cultural difference around the whole flight-thing in this part of the world. While the plane is still "climbing" its way up towards the sky, with a steep uphill slope, the "fasten your seatbelt" sign turns off and people starts to walk around in the cabin - or shall i say climibing around? It looks funny i must say, as we are used to not being able to walk around until the plane has straightened properly.

After a short break in Uruguay, we entered the plane that took us to Sao Paulo, Brasil. This was a much longer flight, i think around 2,5h and the landing was somehwhat ugly! The plane went down to land but the heavy winds were throwing the Bobardier plane back and forth and when we finally hit the ground it was almost sideways :-)
In the emergency instructions it said: "in case of emergency and landing on water, you have to bring your seat". What? Bring your seat? I have never seen this before and had a great laugh about it, as it looked funny in the instructions. Hede took a great picture of this.

The trip to the city from the airport of Sao Paulo was very interesting. I don't think i have ever seen a city this size with that many skyskrapers! This place is huge! We saw it from the sky as well, but it was even more prominent during the long drive towards downtown. Unfortunately this was a day with no sun in Sao Paulo :-(

We went straight to the venue "Blackmore Rock Bar" and were surprised. We were a bit late for soundcheck that was supposed to be around 4pm, but realised that the place was not in a condition for us to start anyway. Most equipment were in bad condition and things were missing. This is around 4pm. At 8pm we are at the exact same level and haven't even started our soundcheck yet - we were supposed to be on stage at 9pm, after a support act... The entire day and evening passed and we had to make compromises to almost everything, and this affected our support act as well. It was not heir fault but they had to make a shorter show and without any soundcheck at all. I am sad to say this, as the fans who have paid money to see our show deserves betterif you ask me! The good news is that it was a good show anyway, from a performance perspective, and certainly from the audience perspective. I hope our fans (that have been waiting for so many years for us to come to Brasil) was happy anyway! We did our very best, i can promise you that!

After the show we went to our hotel and i went straight to bed. Some of my colleagues did not though... But now we will stay in Sao Paulo for three days until we are heading for Bogota, Colombia, on wednesday. I have no idea what we will do here, but i am sure will will find something out. It's Davids birthday tomorrow so i guess we have to throw him a party anyway? :-)

Johan and David having breakfast in Buenos Aires airport

Leaving Buenos Aires

About to leave Montivideo, Uruguay

The airport of Montivideo, Uruguay

My gear on the flight to Sao Paulo, a book and a beer

Bring your seat if we land on water... Photo by Hede

Just arrived in Sao Paulo, Brasil

Arriving at Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo

The stairs that shall take you to the stage...

Backstage in Sao Paulo

Arriving at the hotel in the night after the show. We will stay here for a few days now

Buenos Aires

I had no idea you guys in Buenos Aires were so crazy - seems like we have loads of Painheads here as well! The show went great and we ha d a really good time on stage. We had some technical issues but everything was solved in time by our great crew as always.

There were loads of loud Painheads everywhere, at the hotel, outside the venue, everywhere, and you all showed us your love and dedication. Thank you!!!

Now we have a very early flight tomorrow morning to Sao Paulo, via Montevideo, so we have to call it a rap and sum up at the hotel.

Soundcheck in Buenos Aires

A fan with the Painversion of the Argentina flag, and Peter, backstage after the show

Another fan who also made his own Argentina flag for the show

Funny, the backstagewine was TrumPETER :-)

Backstage before the show

Our Sennheiser beltpacks for the wireless systems - came along to South America as well

Arrived in Argentina!

I guess you can imagine how we all feel right now... I am at the hotel in my room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It took us some 21+ hours to get here from Sweden and man it was a long trip... First we flew to Madrid where we had to spend 5 hours until the next flight to Buenos Aires. What happens if you put this band and the crew in an airport for 5 hours? I guess you can imagine.

It was a very long flight over to South America and personally i have major troubles to get any decent sleep when i have to sit in the same chair for 12-13 hours. I woke up a few times every hour and hoped that we wre getting closer, which we were not. Waiting for ths sun to go up, which it did not - pitch black. Then i hoped to get some breakfast, which we finally did about an hour before arrival. Being tired and grumpy at that point, i became almost the happiest man on earth when i got my breakfast: This is the best airplane-breakfast ever thanks to IBERIA! Iiiiihaaa, this day just got so much better! Anyway, we arrived a little late in Buenos Aires this morning (local time) and then it took us some 2 hours just to get out of the damn airport. Lines at customs, lines at luggage claim, lines as security scan and so on. We arrived in our hotel, left our bags and went for a second breakfast today, as we have just lost 5 hours in the time zone.

So here i am now, laying on the bed writing my blog. I have about 5 hours to rest before we will be picked up to go to the venue for soundcheck. Jetlag is kicking in and i think i need som rest now so i can make a good show tonight, our first show in Argentina.

Bored at the flight to Madrid...

...but that can be changed pretty quickly

Beautiful view over the alps on our way to Madrid!

Landed in Madrid, then train to another terminal to continue the adventure

Spending 5 hours in Madrid airport with beers and burgers.

Johan cannot take this mess anymore... David invites him to an unexpected cuddling-session....

...but Johan wasn't that impressed

Finally arrived in Buenos Aires! Johan, David and Hede

The whole gang (except me who is always holding the camera) in Buenos Aires

Johan and David in the reception of Dazzler Hotel in Buenos Aires

Waiting for our second breakfast this day, in a cafe in Buenos Aires. Peter, David, Johan

Departure from Sweden

When i am writing this i am still sitting in my living room having breakfast. I have packed my bags and are ready to go in about two hours. I only have three bags; one bag with clothes, one "handluggage bag" with the Eleven Rack, and one case with my Jackson guitar. The guitar by the way, came back just yesterday from Jackson (adjustig and set-ups) and i must say they really take good care of their customers! Such a great instrument just became even better! Thanks guys!

David will pick me up and the we will go to Arlanda airport. We have a 4 hour flight to Madrid where we need to spend another 5 hours before the next flight will take us to Buenos Aires in a 12 hour flight. So after 21 hours we will finally be in Argentina and can kick off the South American tour. I am sure we will be completely off in many ways and with a crazy jet-lag hanging over us, but we will do our very best to kick your ass!

See 'ya in South America!

Ready to go!

My Eleven-Rack-to-go! :-)

Live in Haugesund, Norway, a few weeks ago. Photo: Henry Leirvoll

South America - here we come!

It is now less than a week until we leave Sweden and Europe for our South American tour. Since we came home from the show in Norway i have been busy working hard on the 8th Sin album "Cosmogenesis", and also about a week ago my grandmother Anna-Greta Bohlin died at the age of 88 years. Now it's only two more people alive with this family name. So the first thing i have to do when i get back from the tour is to go to her funaral two days later, where she will be buried next to my grandfather Per Bohlin. May they now both rest in peace together.

Anyway, Pain has never been touring in Sound America before, so this is the very first time. For what i have heard we have shitloads of fans over there and they have been waiting for us for a long time. So i guess it's finally time to conquer new ground, and i am really looking forward to it! But at the same time, the distances in South America is just mental... It feels like we will not do anything else than be on stage and in a plane for the whole tour. Again, on the other hand, i will not have any pollen allergy problems over there (that i have right now, really sick!).

But i am now very eager to see how the South American painheads are doing, and how many they are! :-)

Costa Rica!





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