New guitars and preparing for 2012 shows

After being off from the band for a couple of months, going through a surgery, and also been through a tough time with my girlfriend that got a Stroke recently, i am now getting back on track and are now preparing myself for Pain 2012 shows. It is only a few weeks left until we kick off this years first shows, and as the guitar freak i am i need to go through my weapons of choice this year again...

You may have seen several different guitars from my colection on stage with Pain during the years, but i kept coming back to a few favourites all the time (the RR1, the Bond and the Tuck). The one's that got that feeling you know. Almost all my guitars are Jackson Rhoads, and i belive they are the coolest piece of metal gear you can find on this planet. This year i think i have found a new favourite: Jackson have released a new series called the X-Series, so my latest Rhoads are from the new X-Series and i have decided to bring them on the road this year. They have that same great feeling as many other Rhoads i have, and as i have Rhoads made in both America and Japan, these feels almost like any of the others - which is great considering where they are made... I also like the new color "Transparent Black" which i have never seen on a Rhoads before. Now they only have to make a red one and i have no more guitar-dreams left.

The only thing i always have to do is a few adjustments to make my guitars fit my taste of sound as well as the Pain tuning. I always change micophones to EMG-81 (bridge position) and EMG-85 (neck position) if the guitar doesn't already have that. That also includes all electronics in the guitar, such as connector, volume controls and active battery-powered circuits. Then i change the controls from Volume/Tone/Tone to Volume/Volume/nothing (disconnecting the tone control!). Then i install Strap Locks and finally make the adjustments and setups needed for my crazy tuning and 013-056 Dunlop strings. I am not skilled anough to do this (and i am also way too lazy) so i am not doing this myself... Danne or Peter at Deluxe Music in Stockholm is helping out here and always do a great job!

Anyway, i am looking forward to this years Pain adventures and there are many cool things coming up i can assure you. But for now, this is what you get. I'll be back.

A few upcoming Pain-shows in 2012:

2012-03-30 SG25 – Västerås – Sweden
2012-04-20 Karmøygeddon metal festival – Haugesund – Norway
2012-07-13 Masters of rock – Plzen – Czech Republic
2012-07-14 Bang Your Head – Balingen – Germany
2012-07-21 Queens Of Metal – Steinbach – Germany
2012-08-10 Metalcamp – Tolmin – Slovenia

My new guitar arrives in the factory carton box

Original inspection tag from the factory

Right out of the box, before adjustment and modifications

Ready to Rock with all new electronics and EMG-81 / EMG-85 pickups and 013-056 Dunlops

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