Going to UK soon

What? Really? I just checked my calendar and realized that our UK tour starts in less than a week. Hmm, i wonder what happened to time?

So, it is time to pick select what guitars to bring, take out the cases and bags from the storage in the basement, check the Eleven Rack and wireless system and get ready for UK. I wonder if UK is ready for us though? We have been in UK before, but only as support a few times and this is our first own headline tour. I am excited over the fact that we are finally doing this, and it feels a bit strange at the same time as we have been touring as headline many times in other regions. I really hope UK will be nice to us :-)
On wednesday we will all gather at Arlanda airport and start our journey to UK. We fly to London where we open up the tour, follwed by 4 other dates. I also realized i have to celebrate my birthday in Glasgow this year...
Pain UK Tour 2013
Last show we did in 2012, in Karlstad Sweden, December 22nd
Last show we did in 2012, in Karlstad Sweden, December 22nd

Posted by: Océane

Wish you to have a blast in UK!
you have no idea how sad I am to stay here when I was supposed to fly over UK tomorrow evening :( damn!

Please have fun for me!
French painheads are with you on that tour!

Océ Xx

Svar: Thank you, i promise to do my best, even though i have fever and the flu right now :-(
Michael Bohlin

2013-02-11 @ 14:31:08

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