Turku, Finland

(NOT sold out!)
We left Kuopio around 10 am this morning. It was only 3 degrees and really freeeeezing! This was way too early for most of the persons in the bus so it went completely silent after just a few minutes. I think all 16 people including myself fell asleep right away. We had a stop somewhere on the trip and i had my third Hesburger this week. When we arrived in Turku about 7 hours later we had a great dinner in a fancy restaurant and afterwards jumped into the bus to go to the venue. That's when it happened… The bus started to roar and jumped like a kangaroo, while our driver looked very surprised before he could make it stop. It turned out that the gas pedal wire had snapped and it was impossible to drive the bus in this condition. He made a temporary fix by putting a lanyard strap to the pedal and drove with this strap in his right hand. I said to myself: of course this must happen, we didn't have any bus breakdows yet, remember what band you're in!

This reminded me of when we were in Argentina earlier this year, and went into the breakfast restaurant of the hotel and Hede happened to start the coffeemaker at the same time i started the toaster. That made the lights go out so the restaurant turned pitch-black, hehe. I don't know why this story came up in my head when the gas pedal wire snapped, but i felt a wicked connection between the two events…
The show in Turku was really good even though it was not sold out (but really close though!). It felt a bit sad that this tour was coming to an end but it was a good ending. Peter had a crazy idea to wear make-up in true Turmion Kätilöt style to honor them on this last show. But he changed his mind right before he entered the stage, hahaha. We had really fun on stage and ran into each other several times by mistage, and changed the text in the chorus of "Great pretender" to "I am your great bartender" instead... Yeah, really mature, i know :-)
When Turmion Kätilöt finished their show, they came back for an encore and invited all of us in Pain and all crew up on stage to celebrate the last show. They played a song for all us "swedes" (David, Peter, Macke, Hede, Emanuel and myself, johan came later) who all sat on the drum riser and watched them. It was a really great ending. These guys knows how to put on a great show, that's for sure. Thank you Turku for this great evening!
Tomorrow morning we are heading for Helsinki and then our flight back home to Sweden.
Dinner for 16 people
Driving with a broken gas pedal - hoding it up with a strap :-)
Soundcheck in Turku
Peter had a wicked idea before the show, but changed his mind...
Turmion Kätylöt om stage, did a great show as always

Posted by: Elmas

Woohooo, Peter looks rad with that makeup!
Great to hear you guys had such a good time! :)

Svar: :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-10-22 @ 11:27:55

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