Mikkeli, Finland - SOLD OUT!

Okay, where shall i start? "Kidneys to the limit" tour is starting to be a bit on the edge… Putting Pain together with Turmion Kätilöt was a bad mistake last year, and same mistake this year. It's a bit like pouring gasoline on fire.

After the show last night in Jyväskylä this gang consumed seven bottles of vodka and three crates of beer. Johan hurt his hand really bad in a "broken-beer-bottle-accident" and had to go to the hospital when we came to Mikkeli to get help. Perfect to be a musician and have a big scar in his right hand…

I went up around 8 in the morning and after a shower and some work i went to Hesburger to have breakfast. I love the Finnish Hesburger. Then i went to Alko and bought some Jalokahvi as i can't get this in Sweden. The ride from Jyväskylä to Mikkeli was interesting - as any other ride with this bunch of lunatics. Turmion Kätilöt sang the "ärtsoppa rap" and Peter had bought a pink women's bodysuit at one of the stops, and after some hard work he actually managed to get it on. I have never seen him so ugly! Johan bought some finnish makkara (sausage) and sinappi (mustard) that he ate on the bus, and David was asleep. Hey ho.

Anyway, we're in Mikkeli now and had a great show today. It was a small and cosy place and the audience was very good. My neck hurts like hell after the last two shows with a little too much headbanging, so i took it a bit easy today. I have learned that if i don't listen to my body's signals i will get punished sooner or later. Been there done that. Learned the lesson.

Thank you all Painheads of Mikkeli for treating us well - it was about sold out again. Tomorrow we're going to Kuopio.

Jalokahvi, bought today. The better brother of Jaloviina :-)
Kidneys to the limit tour
Johan, Finnish Makkara, Turun Sinappia. In the bus.
Working hard to get the pink dress on...
Done! Can it possibly get any worse?
Arrived in Mikkeli
David doing soundcheck in Mikkeli
The broken hand of our bassplayer...
Todays outfit with Turmion Kätilöt. Say no more.

Posted by: carine aka paincrisy

lol! Peter pretty in pink! Can't he wear that in Antwerp ;)

Svar: i am pretty sure this will never happen again - he threw it away when he saw the pictures :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-10-21 @ 13:40:02
Posted by: carine

tyvärr!!! ;)

Svar: aj då, kom du inte in?
Michael Bohlin

2012-10-22 @ 13:10:32
Posted by: carine

jodå, jag menade bara tyvärr att vi inte ska se den rosa killen igen :)

Svar: aha, fast det e rätt skönt att slippa den rosa killen :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-10-23 @ 11:43:38

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