Helsinki, Finland - SOLD OUT!

There's always something special with Finland and Helsinki. Every time we've been here we get such a treat, and this time was no exception. The venue Virgin Oil was completely sold out and the night was a blast. We had premiere of parts of our new "We come in peace" stage set, our new "We come in peace" merchandise, and my new red guitar :-)
I have wanted a Ferrari red Jackson Rhoads for years. Actually as long as i can remember. I had a red Aria Pro Flying-V back in the late 80's and i still miss it. Finally the wait is over. Not only is it my favourite guitar Jackson Rhoads, it's also Ferrari Red and has my name on it! This is the third RRX model i am using this year and it's just fantastic and plays very well. The only thing that differ my new RRX from a stock RRX is the color and the EMG-81/EMG-85 active pickup system.

It was so great to meet our friends in Turmion Kätilöt again, and i am sure this will be a crazy tour as always… I am in the land of Fisu, Jaloviina, Makkara and Auran (Turun) Sinappi, what can possibly go wrong? :-)

Anyway, after the show Kimmo, Johan and myself went to the hotel. On the way there, Johan bought the ugliest, sloppiest, and most disgusting burger i've ever seen! It was a quadruple burger with two slices of ham, one slice of egg and one slice of sausage between all the other crap in there… Look at the picture yourself… and he actually ate this in bed… Urrk.

Tomorrow we are at Lutakko, Jyväskylä. This must be the third or forth time i am visiting Lutakko. I like that place and i remember they have a pretty good sauna downstairs/backstage. I wonder if this place can be as good as Helsinki this time?

See 'ya!
Part of the new "We come in peace" stage design
I was happy to see that Turmion Kätilöt now also uses Eleven Rack!
Virgin Oil Co. Helsinki, Finland
Backstage at Virgin Oil
So they have been here before us..
Turmion Kätilöt on stage
Pain on stage
Johans so-called nightfood... Doesn't look that tasty if you ask me..


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