Zlin, Czech Republic

This was the third time we were in Zlin in 1,5 years now, and this is the place where we filmed most part of the new DVD "We come on peace". Me and Johan took a walk to the city centre of Zlin, where most stores where closed and the main square was empty and quiet. Saturday seems to be a day where most places are closed in this country. But we found a shopping mall that was open anyway and i bought the Thunderbolt/Ethernet adapter to my Mac that i had been looking for.

After dinner we had a signing session of the new DVD at Masters Of Rock Cafe with loads of people. Then i went to the bus to have some sleep again (as i have been doing almost every day so far) until showtime. It was only a few tickets from being a sold out show which meant at totally packed Masters of Rock Cafe this night. The show went fine but it was so hot we almost fainted, all of us! Peter had to take off his straightjacket which has never happened before and the stage floor was all wet from us running around dripping of sweat. After the show we all agreed this was the worst (hottest) show any of us have ever done. Instruments, In-Ear receivers and other stuff where all soaking wet, but functioned flawless all through the show.

We also contributed with some souvenirs to the manager of Masters of Rock Cafe to be put on the wall among all other stuff there. It contained a signed tour shirt, a signed drumhead, personal guitar picks and drumsticks. It will all be put in a nice frame and seen on the wall there in the future. Thank you all Czech Painheads for giving us such overwhelming treatment and great show, this is why we love to come back to your country over and over again!

Next stop tonight: Warsaw, Poland
13 down 8 to go

DVD on sale in Zlin
At the main square in Zlin
Another ABBA show again... they seem to be everywhere
Dinner in Masters of Rock Cafe
Signing session of the new DVD in Masters of Rock Cafe
The shopping mall next to the venue
Our buses parked outside the Venue/shopping mall
Backstage personal fruit


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