Warsaw, Poland

It was a long drive again from Zlin to Warsaw so we didn't arrive until around lunchtime. Then usual routines applied as every day: find our dressing room, unpack the bag in dressing room, find a shower and use it,  do some work after finding a working network, soundcheck, dinner, go back to the bus and work and read for a while then sleep until 55 mins before the show, go back in and start to dress up in stage clothes, put on In-Ear system and make up, get on stage and rock.

I remember this place, i think it was 2008 when we were here last time. That show was good, but this one was really great! I don't know if we had more Painheads now or if they were just louder, but it was better anyway!


Unfortunately, just when Peter was declared okay again after being sick, it's Johan's turn. He was really off yesterday and got my last two Nyquills before he went asleep. He was in a pretty bad shape so let's hope he recovers soon. I was ill on the last European tour we did about a year ago and i know it really sucks! This time i have managed to stay healthy all the way through so far.


When i came downstairs in the bus this morning to have breakfast and start working, i found all remaining table lamps were smashed. I normally sleep like a stone, but i remember hearing that it was a hell of a party last night so this was probably the result…


Today we are back in Germany again, and this is where we're gonna spend the next six days and six shows before ending up in Netherlands on Sunday. Today is exactly one week left until i am back home in Stockholm again. That's tempting to think about.

Live in Vienna. Photo: Caroline Traitler
Live in Vienna. Photo: Caroline Traitler
Live in Vienna. Photo: Caroline Traitler
Live in Vienna. Photo: Caroline Traitler
The entrance of Club Progresja in Warsaw
Our backstage/dressing room in Warsaw - yepp, this is as glamouros as it gets!
Seems like my friends have been here as well :-)


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