Vienna, Austria

When we arrived in Vienna and the venue "Arena" i got the first REAL breakfast in the whole tour. Jipeeee!!! Of course it happens in Austria! :-)

And it didn't stop there, after soundcheck David, me and Johan went to the Gasometer to take the subway downtown. We went off at Stephansplatz and were heading for the famous Figlmüller restaurant to get a real Wienerschnitzel, but it was fully booked. So we sneaked in at the restaurant next door, "Gutenberg", and had wonderful Wienerschnitzels! I was so happy.


I also met Caroline Traitler again, one of my favorite photographers. She had brought her camera and shot the show, so now i only have to want until she sends me the pics from the show! It'll probably only take a few months… Speaking about the show, this was the best show on the tour so far - thanks Vienna and all Austrians! I am so proud of you all! Peter also announced my Austrian heritage on stage (but only said that my grandparents were from Austria, and forgot my father was actually born here as well!) and we actually did an extra encore song for the very first time on this tour. That speaks for itself, doesn't it?


After the show Johan was locked into the toilet with a "door-block" outside. He wasn't happy at all.


What a perfect day! Great breakfast, perfect dinner, beautiful city, great audience, great show. AUSTRIA. Period.

Just arrived in Vienna, parked by the Arena venue
The first real breakfast smiled at me in Vienna. Brekfastpoints: 7
Austrians really know how to do it right!
Peter making breakfast with eggs, sausage and bacon! Vienna makes me happy!
Johan and David In the subway, going towards Vienna downtown
Johan and David In the subway
In central Vienna we found loads of horses right on the street!
I found this ABBA-shop and as a Swede it was quite amusing to see
We never got in to Figlmüller as it was fully booked :-(
But in Restaurant Gutenberg i got my big Wienerschnitzel anyway, finally! :-)
Peter outside the toilet where Johan was locked-in by a door-block...

Posted by: Mari

:) Johan and David look so happy in your photos. NOT. What did you do to them? And in last picture - Peters face. At least he was happy when you locked Johan!

Svar: I slapped them in the face before taking the pictures! Noo, just kidding, they are just trying to be serious :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-17 @ 22:11:09
Posted by: Océane

Hey! Strange that you didnt get any "proper" food in France! I mean we are good at cooking apparently! Next time I'll take you all in a good "boulangerie" and you'll be happy! But it could be hard to know where to go to eat good food, what to visit etc when you don't know the country/city. Isnt it?

But nice to read you had a good day in Austria! Hope its good too in Zlin today!!

Oh and David wear a Nightwish hoodie! Niiiiice!
By the way, remember to make some Pain girl hoodie, but no picture on it, something discreet! Yes Im very demanding!
Just kidding ;)

And : 9 to go ;)

Océ Xx

2012-11-17 @ 23:31:23
Posted by: Anette

Och HUR gamla var det ni var nu då? Låsa in ngn på toaletten? Inte snällt alls!

Svar: Det är sant, det var inte snällt alls. Dags att växa upp.
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-18 @ 09:37:38

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