Paris, France

Trabendo is next to Le Zenith where we did two shows in 2009 with Nightwish, and also recorded the "Monkey business" video. It is a very small place, and we also realized that both Deep Purple and our Swedish friends Europe played at the very same day. Deep Purple at Le Zenith next door, and Europe only a few kilometers away. Too much music going on at the same time. But the good part is that our previous backline-technician Jens is now working with Europe, so we had the chance to meet him and chat about good old tour-memories… He actually came to Trabendo right before our soundcheck and had a beer.


I sat alone in the shared dressing room backstage when a woman came in and said "hi, i am the belly dancer for tonight". For a very short moment i thought i was going mad. Did i really order a belly dancer? No, i am very sure i didn't! She probably saw the emptiness in my face and realized i was confused, so she continued swiftly "i will be on stage, with Moonspell". It all felt way much better again. She was apparently ordered by Moonspell for the show in Paris and i was not going mad. Phew!


We all went to get some dinner and walked along the street next to the venue trying to find something that fit us all. In and out at different restaurants and ended up in Mc Donald's as usual, thinking that "you know what to expect" when you get there. NOT! I skipped every crazy local French menu like Mc Baguette (of course…) but sticked to the stuff i am used to, like QP. Took my first bite and… NOT! Dijon mustard doesn't work that well in a QP if you ask me. This is only because i am not used to it of course, but in my world, this is wrong. Also, we passed by a restaurant that served "Music Lunch". What's that? Can you order a 4 bar menu including drum solo and intro, topped with a E flat dessert covered in ritardando? I'll probably never understand.


The show in Paris was one of the best so far, and i am teased to say "i told you so". I know we can always rely on our French Painheads and this show was no exception! Thank you all!!! And the fan i told you about who saw all four shows in UK was now also in front row in Paris. She told me she flew to Paris just to see our show and had a long ride back with train today. As an artist you cannot really do anything else that respect that kind of behavior, can you? I don't understand it (as i would never fly anywhere to see Pain…) but i respect it.


Reunited again: Jens, Hede, Emauel, Macke, Johan outside the venue in Paris
Here you can eat Music Lunch!
Only in France - Mc Baguette! :-)
Peters leg after falling off the bed in the van in UK last week, now starts to look bad!
I can use my belowed red guitar again! It turned out i had just been a bit to rough to it...
Apparently the belly dancer was with Moonspell and just shared our dressing room



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