Munich, Germany

Yesterday we were in the city of BMW. Back in 2007 when we played here i went to the BMW museum, which was a great experience! I just love that brand. When we played here last year André jumped down from the balustrade to the audience after we had finished our show... Fortunately we played the bigger venue this time, with no such balustrade available, hehe. The show went great and it seems like the Munich painheads are always nice to us! I saw several familiar faces in first row, that i have seen many times before.

But my new Ferrari red Jackson RRX wasn't working properly. So i had to do the whole show with my backup guitar, the Transparent Black Jackson RRX. That's no problem as they are both the same model and they are both fantastic guitars, i just love the looks of the red one and really like to use it! (after all, it is unique with this special color and my name on the headstock!) I don't know what's wrong with it as i have been using it on every show so far - maybe i have been to rough to it and it needed a vacation? Hehe… anyway, on line-check before the show our guitar-tech found out that it didn't sound as it should so to be sure i got the backup. Hopefully he can make it work until the show tonight!

Yesterday was supposed to be my grandmother Anna-Greta Bohlins birthday, she would've turned 89, but she died a few months ago. May she rest in peace. Another big day is today: Fathers day. I am very sad that i cannot be home with my daughters this day! :-(

Not that i really care about the celebration itself, but it is always a time of joy when i get together with my daughters. Kimmy and Jennifer: let's do this when i get back home again! I did celebrate my father this morning though, by the phone.


We arrived in a sunny and beautiful Antwerpen around noon, me and Johan took a walk in the suburbs around the Trix arena. I remember this place was a very good show a year ago, so i have high hopes for tonight!

Live in London. Photo by Kalliope Tsouroupidou
Live in London. Photo by Kalliope Tsouroupidou
Live in London. Photo by Kalliope Tsouroupidou
Live in Manchester. Photo: Carter Photography
Live in Birmingham. Photo: Sean Larkin
Live in Birmingham. Photo: Sean Larkin

Posted by: carine

Grattis på farsdagen Michael! Jag är säker på att dina gulliga döttrar är med dig i tankar :)

Svar: Tack :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-11 @ 15:39:23

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