London, UK

2 down 19 to go. It felt good coming back to the Brixton Academy in London again. I love this place, it's so beautiful and the acoustics is really something spectacular. Last time we were here was in 2009, this time also with Nightwish. This is actually the third tour we do with our Finnish friends so we know each others pretty well by now.
The show went well and i think the London audience was actually a bit louder than Manchester. But i can't tell for sure, the In-Ear system headphones are very tight and doesn't always tell the truth of screaming audience (in a good way). But i had a feeling this show was overall a bit more energic than the day before. Peters voice was also in a better shape. I also had a good friend in the audience but it was no time to meet afterwards as he had an early flight to catch today so he had to split. Next time, Ben!
Troy from Nightwish have always visited our dressing room showing one of his crazy magic tricks, and now it was time again. As usual, we were totally knocked off and upset we couldn't understand how he did it, so we threw him out of our dressing room, hehe... After the show we had a 1,5 hour drive in a van to get to our hotel. I told you yesterday about the cold hotel in Manchester, but this time it was the van that was cold. It was close to zero degrees and i was freezing my ass off in this van for 1,5 hour, under a blanket with jacket and scarf. Not to mention the guy (no names) who threw up in the van halfway to the hotel... What's wrong with this band? It is always something that fucks up! Anyway, when we left the hotel this morning again, the van was okay and we had heat again. It had been in for service during the morning. Thank god for that!
Tonight we are at classic ground - i should lay down and kiss Birmingham soil as this is the place were the best metal band in the world were born. JUDAS PRIEST! I can feel the vibes as i breath true British Heavy Metal air today. If i had the address, i would jump in a cab over to Robs place and invite myself for a cup of tea :-)
See 'ya tonight Birmingham! (Rob, please drop by tonight as well)
This seat belt sign is useless, as our van doesn't even have any...
Avid Venue Profile handled by Kimmo Ahola - the key to success!
My guitar sound: Avid Eleven Rack and Sennheiser wireless system
Our Sennheiser wireless In-Ear systems
Entrance of Brixton Academy, merchandise shop straight ahead
Lightcheck at Brixton Academy
Another trick by Troy - we threw him out of our dressing room! :-)
Right before soundcheck at Brixton Academy - watching the lights
Fans waiting outside backstage entrance at Brixton Academy


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