Geiselwind, Germany (and a long travel day!)

After flying from Glasgow to London, and continue from London to Düsseldorf on thursday, we finally found ourselves in Düsseldorf airport ready to jump on our tour bus. Johan was already there waiting for us and we also met Moonspell there. But something must go wrong in the world of Pain, and so it did of course. The tour bus that was supposed to meet us where 2 hours delayed (i didn't think they had such things as delays in Germany!), so Peter went to the nearest shop and bought beer and booze. Bad idea. During these two hours of waiting, the gang went loud and stupid. When the bus finally arrived and we loaded all our things, we could finally get going. It took less than two hours of party in the bus before the first one threw up in a trash can… Hey ho, the tour is now officially announced as open!


When i woke up the next morning (Friday) i went downstairs in the bus and found out that the door was broken and open… do i have to tell you that it was cold? The toilet was full and one of the lamps were smashed. Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello.


We are five bands traveling on this "Into darkness" tour, in two nightliner buses, one black and one blue. In our bus (which is the black one) we are Pain and Moonspell. We had 18 beds in each bus, and i am sure i don't have to tell you we have very limited space :-)


Last night was the first show of this tour, in Geiselwind Germany. That was my first time in Geiselwind. The show went fine even though we had some technical problems, as you always end up having on the first show of the tour. For the first 3-4 songs i had a very strange sound in my guitar, which went good when i got my spare guitar instead. Seems like the batteries in my active EMG system was out, causing the terrible sound. Also, the monitor mix in my In-Ear system was nowhere near what we had in soundcheck, strangely enough. Well, i am sure tonight will be better. While i am writing this it is Saturday morning and we have arrived in Backstage, Munich.


David makes an impression before leaving Glasgow airport
The view of a completely knocked out crew: Macke, Emanuel, Kimmo, Hede
Leaving Düsseldorf airport with our bus
...after 1,5 hour in the bus: Peter talking to the garbage
...after 2 hours in the bus: Peter signs off
The Beers in Geiselwind backstage: AC/DC
Me in front of the huge guitar in Music Hall, Geiselwind
Music Hall, Geiselwind
Our Nightliners lined up outside the venue in Geiselwind

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Wouha beautiful beer AC/DC
It's good ?

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