Bologna, Italy + "We come in peace"

1 degree in Frankfurt and now 12 degrees in Bologna. It changes quickly when you are doing the crazy touring all over Europe. We are driving about 500km-900km per day sometimes so we even feel the climate differencies!  Anyway, located in the middle of nowhere, outside Bologna in a building that looks like a hangar, we finally kicked off our show at 23:15. The Italian Painheads were going crazy and i must say it was one of the best shows on this tour, thank you!

As you probably know already, the new Pain DVD "We come in peace" is soon to be released, it is actually today! We have a few boxes in our merchandise shop on this tour (since Frankfurt), but only in limited quantity. The DVD is a crazy mix of everything related to the world of Pain. It is two full shows, one smaller club show in Stockholm (the last show of the "You only live twice tour" in 2011) and one big festival show (from "Masters of Rock") in Czech Republic 2012. But on top of this, we have also stuffed the DVD with videoclips from touring with this band; backstage, tourbuses, hotels and so on, all private content collected from all of us involved. But also loads of private tour pictures. I think it's fun and laughed my ass off when i saw it, and unfortunately this is a documentary of how it is, totally uncensored. Take it or leave it :-)

Today we are in Vienna Austria. As i am 1/2 Austrian it is always a bit special to me to perform here, in beautiful Osterreich! It would be even more cool to play in Krems where my father was born.


Posted by: Océane

Glad to read you had a blast in Bologna!
Can't wait to see the DVD! Hopefully today if they have it in the store I'm gonna go!

Océ Xx

2012-11-16 @ 10:47:52
Posted by: Océane

Wow my comment been published! Amazing! Ahah!

Svar: Welcome, finally
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-16 @ 10:48:23
Posted by: Océane

Oh shit I've in two differents shops, and big shop! And NO Pain dvd! Its even unknown...
I guess I have to wait a bit more! :(

Svar: Sorry! France release is on monday!
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-16 @ 16:07:47
Posted by: Océane

Mmmm that what I said to the friend with who I was in UK and he said "no no it on the 16th". Anyway I reserved it in a shop as soon as it release! :)
Monday will be a good day! :)

2012-11-16 @ 16:47:30
Posted by: Fausto

Hey Michael! Once again, i was a big pleasure to be part af those "Italian Painheads". And proud to be the one that start the moshpit!
Hope to see Pain again as soon as possible.

Svar: Thanks Fausto - we appreciate it!
Michael Bohlin

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