Bochum, Germany

Someone had a party in Stuttgart and didn't go to bed until 8am, so having a soundcheck at 3pm in Bochum wasn't an option… So no soundcheck in Bochum… He eventually came crawling out of the bus at 8:15pm, two hours before showtime. No further comments needed.


Me, Johan and David wanted to go to downtown as we were in the suburbs of Bochum. So we took a walk to the train station and really tried to buy a ticket - fail! It was impossible as the machine only accepted Electron cards, not the Visa and Master Card that we had. So we had to walk back to the venue again, no train for us. We were just strucked by the usual Pain-luck again.


But we had better luck with the catering - the woman in the Matrix venue really knows how to cook! All food was great and she even did her own Tiramisu (i just LOVE Tiramisu) and it was perfect!


The show in Bochum was fantastic, the Matrix venue was packed to the limit and the feeling was at top level. Painheads were really loud and i think one of the best during the whole tour, on the same level as Vienna!


This morning i crawl out of my bed at 10:30, went downstairs and found someone still having a party there, completely alone. Why would you do such thing? After extensive persuasion i managed to get him to bed. The soundcheck today is at risk for sure… The sound in the bus at this time in the morning is interesting - most people are coughing and making sound like they all have the flu… in a small place like this with 18 people the contamination is impossible to avoid i suppose.


Today we are in Tilburg to do the very last show on this tour. It is always with mixed feelings you are coming to and end of an era, as we are a great team together and share loads of fun. But most of us miss home more than anything right now, so that feeling kind of takes over. But one more show, just one, and it is always special to start and to end a tour. I know we have Painheads in the crowd tonight that have seen more than one show during this tour, like Carine who has been commenting here on my blog. I know Painheads who travels hundreds of kilometers to see us and are freezing outside the venue before we even had soundcheck. I know Painheads who spends most of their money traveling, flying and buying tickets to see several shows on a tour, or like Océ from France did: 5 shows on this tour… To all of you i just wanna say thanks for being so dedicated, you have my full and utmost respect (even though i still don't understand it, it doesn't really get any better the second or third time around)!


After the show tonight we will drive to Düsseldorf and tomorrow we will say goodbye to the tourbus and fly back home to Stockholm again.

Live in Vienna
Live in Vienna
Live in Warsaw
Live in Warsaw
Live in Warsaw
Live in Warsaw
Live in Saarbrücken. Photo: Jan Rief
Live in Saarbrücken. Photo: Jan Rief
Soundcheck in Stuttgart
Our buses parked outside the Matrix venue in Bochum
This is only funny if you're Swedish. It means "Beerservice" in Swedish. Hilarious.
Our Swedsish colleagues was in the same Venue as us just 12 days earlier
Last time we were in this venue in Bochum was in October 2007. I remember it well.
Caught in a big metal robot in Matrix wearing a 8thSin t-shirt. Yes, i am bored now.
Trying to buy tickets to the Bochum train - fail.
Pains backstage drinks have really improved lately. It has never been this mature :-)


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