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We arrived in Berlin a bit too early so after parking up the buses and trailers we had to wait for a while until they would let us in to the venue. I saw a few Swedish trailers in the same parking outside the venue and was told it was The Hives that was in town at the same time as us. Anyway, right before 11am we were let inside anyway and could have breakfast and showers. Now if you remember what i wrote yesterday about someone had smashed every lamp in a hard party in the bus when i woke up, the very same person didn't wake up until 4:30pm so we actually didn't do any soundcheck in Berlin. It was too late as we are 5 bands and have a schedule we have to stick to, like doors that opens at 6pm. This is just how it is sometimes with this band… (Reminder to self: stop trying to follow the schedules, even if we are in Germany)


The show was good and we had great fun on stage. I had a great laugh about the guy who was sitting by the stage and switched the automatic fuse switch every 2-3 mins. Apparently something was wrong with the electrics and this was the solution for the evening, hehe. Johan was still not well, but i'd say he was much better than the day before anyway. After the show it didn't take long before our entire dressing room was filled with various unknown random people (to me anyway) which i felt a bit disrespectful when you haven't even got dressed yet! But anyway, i am sure they didn't invite themselves there but someone told them to come in, so i couldn't really blame them. Instead i got dressed and packed up my things and left. Johan joined me. I really appreciate when we have some time alone to calm down after a show, change clothes etc, but sometimes it doesn't go like that. This was just one of those nights.


Me and Johan went to the bus and straight to bed instead, and heard after short while how the whole party including all those people moved in to the bus to continue the party all night long (as we were not leaving early this night, with such short drive to the next city). It doesn't bother me as i sleep like a rock anyway.


Tonight we are in Leipzig. 15 down, 6 to go, hey ho.


Live in Pratteln. Photo: Serenity
Live in Pratteln. Photo: Serenity
Live in Pratteln. Photo: Serenity
My In-Ears ready to go before the show...
...together with the Sennheiser wireless receiver beltpack i have in my back pocket
More Swedes were at the same venue as us this day, i was told it was The Hives

Posted by: Océane

Sounds like it wasnt a really good day!!
Hopefully today is better ?

The sound was good anyway without the soundcheck?

Like you I sleep like a rock! It could happened anything while Im sleeping I wont hear anything! Thats sometime a problem when my alarm ring in the morning to go to work ! ^^

Enjoy this day!
Océ Xx

Svar: sound was good anyway - we have such professional staff and gear! :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-20 @ 15:52:25
Posted by: Océane

Cool then!
You know in Paris it was strange cause we heard much much more David with his drums than guitars and bass! :/
Or maybe it was only me !

Svar: That has nothing to do with the soundcheck. The club in Paris was so small and you were in the frontline so you hear the "direct" sound of the drums just because you are closer to that sound - that's just the physics of how sound travels through air. People in the back will have a better sound in a smaller club like that.
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-20 @ 16:04:30
Posted by: Océane

Yeah that what I thought and why I wrote "it was only me". Cause during the soundcheck the sound was good! ;)

2012-11-21 @ 10:27:55

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