Antwerp, Belgium

Today is Johans birthday. Of course we will celebrate him in our way, but it would also be cool if all of you who will show up at the show tonight in Pratteln could help us to celebrate? Bring your signs and make sure he recognizes your celebrations. He is worth a great celebration as we seem to be on the road every time he has his birthday, and he is too shy to tell anyone… I have known Johan for almost 12 years now and i love him like a brother. This one is for him: Congratulations!
The show in Antwerp went great, and Trix was as good as i remembered it! Very good venue, stage and service. Again i saw several familiar faces in front row, which always makes me happy to see that Painheads tend to come back for more! :-)
Right now i am in backstage room of the venue in Pratteln, Switzerland. See 'ya tonight! (and bring your celebration stuff for Johan!)
After the show in Geiselwind. Photo: Tiffany Edighoffer
Live in Geiselwind. Photo: Tiffany Edighoffer
Breakfast in the tourbus - the most important meal of the day to keep me nice :-)
Paus/break somewhere at Autobahn in Gemrnay to swich drivers
My two babies (and Peters in the middle) waiting to get going in Munich
I found wild rabbits in Antwerpen

Posted by: Isa

Happy birthday to Johan !

2012-11-12 @ 14:28:58
Posted by: Océane

Im now waiting at the airport in Nice (south of France) for my flight! Yes I decided yesterday that I had to come and see you again!
I'll be in Paris less than 24h but I'm sure it worth it!
This last 15 days been crazy, so many shows, many hours of drinving, too many hours of waiting to get 1st row... After the UK tour I went to Finland to see NW. So I'm still soo fucking tired! Hope I wont faint tonight :)

See you in few hours!

Océ Xx

Svar: That's awesome, you are welcome tonight, see 'ya in first row huh?
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-13 @ 08:42:47
Posted by: Océane

Well hopefully! I'll try to be at the venue at 1:00pm but not sure :/ its depends on the transports actually!
Can you guys see if guests can entered the venue first? If I'm not on first row I'll kill myself! Hehe! Hope to see you after the show if you're not too tired! :)
When do you start the show? I guess you're the last band to go on stage...


Svar: 21:50 - see 'ya
Michael Bohlin

2012-11-13 @ 09:25:13

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