South America wrap-up

Home sweet home! Even though it has been a great adventure in many ways, touring through Sound America and Central America, it's always the same when you get back home... Piece of mind. I love it and i need it. Now i will not touch my guitars again until mid-July when we have our next shows; the Rockharz Festival in Germany, the Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic and the Bang your head Festival in Germany.

We have been travelling through 4 time zones, 7 countries, 6 cities, doing 5 shows with 10 flights in 12 days. I am jet-lagged and fucked up, but i cannot stress this enough; THANK YOU ALL PAINHEADS! I must say honestly that i was not ready for this reaction or response, and all of you crazy Painheads of South America and Central America have all proved me wrong. I am happy you all proved me wrong. The thing is that i never thought that we had so many fans over there, but from now on i will just shut up, hehe. I have many good memories from this tour that will sit there forever in my heart.

After an early breakfast with Michael Kiske, Macke Ring and Johan Husgafvel we went to the airport in Mexico City. I wished i had time to spend a few more days in this place, as it is an interesting city indeed. I wanted to see Templo Mayor (as the title of the old 8th Sin song) so i guess i have to come back here at some point! Anyway, our flight to Madrid took 11 hours, then we waited in Madrid for another 4 hours until the last flight took us to Stockholm in another 4 hours. So all in all it took me about 23 hours door-to-door Mexico City to Stockholm. It was a long trip and it sucked out the last energy in me, but i think it was worth it.

Until next time - have a drink on me!

Live in San Jose, Costa Rica

Ticket to the show in Mexico

Tired guys at the airport in Madrid, on our way back home to Sweden

Posted by: Raul Meireles

Well, I think we south/central americans have to thank you for the amazing time! I really hope you come back soon and at the summer, so you can enjoy the beach and see some palmtrees as you like them. Wish a great rest now! Cheers!

2012-05-23 @ 02:23:08

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