South America - here we come!

It is now less than a week until we leave Sweden and Europe for our South American tour. Since we came home from the show in Norway i have been busy working hard on the 8th Sin album "Cosmogenesis", and also about a week ago my grandmother Anna-Greta Bohlin died at the age of 88 years. Now it's only two more people alive with this family name. So the first thing i have to do when i get back from the tour is to go to her funaral two days later, where she will be buried next to my grandfather Per Bohlin. May they now both rest in peace together.

Anyway, Pain has never been touring in Sound America before, so this is the very first time. For what i have heard we have shitloads of fans over there and they have been waiting for us for a long time. So i guess it's finally time to conquer new ground, and i am really looking forward to it! But at the same time, the distances in South America is just mental... It feels like we will not do anything else than be on stage and in a plane for the whole tour. Again, on the other hand, i will not have any pollen allergy problems over there (that i have right now, really sick!).

But i am now very eager to see how the South American painheads are doing, and how many they are! :-)

Costa Rica!






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