Sao Paulo, part III

Another day in paradise...?

Anyhow, another day with no plans passed. David was working hard to get through his 36 beers, and i was watching movies again. We went to our shop next door to have some beers and food again, and the staff there knows us by now so they know what we will order, hehe.

Around 7pm we took two taxis to Churrascaria Novilho de Prata to celebrate David with a birthday dinner. This place was really something different and a new experience to most of us. They serve a great variation of meat, on a sword-like stick at your table. They have most different types of meat, and they will continue to come with new meat until you flip your little papersign from green to red. You have this little sign at your table next to your plate. The servicepoint here is 11 and you could barely put your glass back on the table before it was filled up again.

One thing that struck my mind was that i have no problems with my pollen allergies! Jiipeee! I haven't even noticed until now that i have no disctractions what-so-ever from that, which at this time of year is a nightmare. So that's the good thing - the bad thing is still the jet-lag waking me up at 5:30 every morning.

Today is the last day here in Sao Paulo, Brasil. We will go to the airport in the middle of the night (as if current jet-lag wasn't enough) and fly to Bogota in Colombia. That will take us 6 hours. Fortunately we don't have a show tomorrow when we arrive there, so we can have a rest and be fresh on thursday for the show. The plans for today is just to hang out at the hotel and rest as much as possible to be on the positive side when we have to fly the whole night and cross another two time zones. I will personally watch a few movies and read a book. The promotor has left the city and we don't speak spanish or portogese. Just like the other days here in Sao Paulo it is raining and only 18 degrees. So this is like Stockholm without the allergy.

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ignacio Cangelo

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ariel Terreni

Live in Buenos Aires. Photo: Ariel Terreni

A different kind of bottle-opener in Brasil - but it actually works just fine!

If there's a broken bulb on your car, feel free to use a candle instead...

Davids birthday dinner at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata

Cutting meat at Davids birthday dinner (at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata)

Davids birthday dinner at Churrascaria Novilho de Prata

Hedes dessert almost knocked him over...

Outside Churrascaria Novilho de Prata - the sign of stupidity...

I just love palm trees, so i had to take a picture of this one in Sao Paulo

Posted by: Cris

I just can't believe it: I was there at Novilho de Prata at the same day, one or two hours after you've left. I know you would remember me: I'm the lady who was right in front of you during the show - bothering you all (specially poor little Peter :P ) with my iPhone... :P

You striked a pose for my lens :D

Well, I have lots of great pics from the show, contact me!

2012-05-20 @ 13:11:06

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