Mexico City

After a early 3 hour flight from Costa Rica we finally arrived in Mexico. We went straight to the hotel to get some more sleep while our crew went straight to the venue. Loads of fans were waiting outside the hotel when we arrived so next time we left the hotel the driver picked us up on the backside... We got a great hotel (same as Gotthard and Unisonic), and we started the morning with breakfast (Breakfastpoints: 6) and then went to sleep for a while in our rooms. This last show of the tour is a bit special as it is a event with 3 bands; Unisonic, Gotthard and "the band that always get into trouble".

Gotthard started the evening (unfortunately i missed most of their show as we arrived late) followed by yours truly and his fellow retards. Our show went great and we had a really good time. I'd say we got treated very well by our Mexican fans, thank you! We also filmed parts of this show for possible use later.
After our show it was Unisonic on stage. Unisonic is the new band where Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske have joined forces again after 23 years. I have always been a big Helloween fan, so to me it was a big thing to be have these guys around, but also Mandy Meyer from Asia. I must say i was totally blown away from Mr Kiskes vocals... He is just amazing, when he was singing parts from the old Priest song "Victim of changes" i died a bit. Total respect!

This morning i had breakfast with Michael Kiske - really nice guy.

The only that remains from this South American / Central American tour now, is a looooooong way back home to Sweden. About 20-22 hours for me and David, but we have the easiest trip of all of us. Some have up to 30 hours to go before they are home again :-)

Beautiful Mexico from above

Mexico City - 9 million people lives here, almost the same as entire Sweden

Just arrived in Mexico City, fans were meeting us at the airport

The view from my hotel. But don't get me wrong, the hotel itself is fantastic!

I am not used to earthquake warnings, coming from Sweden

Peter and me - jalapeno and Corona. Yes we are in Mexico :-)

The only proper drink in Mexico if you ask me

Daysheet for Mexico City

Last show of this tour

The trohpy of the day, thrown up on stage in Mexico City - Pain thong

Unisonic with Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske played after us

Johan, David, and me, backstage after the show in Mexico City. Rawk Style

Backstage after the show in Costa Rica the day before

Posted by: DeadAnkh

That's just beyond awesome!!!

Thanks for picking it up and carry it throughout all the fuckin' gig!!! You made my night! Pitty I couldn't meet ya after the show :(

Hope the thong fits you well [lol]

Send my greetings to the rest of the band.

Take care!!! And hope to see ya soon ;)


The bitch that threw that to the stage :)

2012-05-22 @ 04:32:41
Posted by: Erzulie

Thanks for the show.

You were awesome!!!!!

We love you!!!!

2012-05-22 @ 19:44:14

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