Arrived in Argentina!

I guess you can imagine how we all feel right now... I am at the hotel in my room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It took us some 21+ hours to get here from Sweden and man it was a long trip... First we flew to Madrid where we had to spend 5 hours until the next flight to Buenos Aires. What happens if you put this band and the crew in an airport for 5 hours? I guess you can imagine.

It was a very long flight over to South America and personally i have major troubles to get any decent sleep when i have to sit in the same chair for 12-13 hours. I woke up a few times every hour and hoped that we wre getting closer, which we were not. Waiting for ths sun to go up, which it did not - pitch black. Then i hoped to get some breakfast, which we finally did about an hour before arrival. Being tired and grumpy at that point, i became almost the happiest man on earth when i got my breakfast: This is the best airplane-breakfast ever thanks to IBERIA! Iiiiihaaa, this day just got so much better! Anyway, we arrived a little late in Buenos Aires this morning (local time) and then it took us some 2 hours just to get out of the damn airport. Lines at customs, lines at luggage claim, lines as security scan and so on. We arrived in our hotel, left our bags and went for a second breakfast today, as we have just lost 5 hours in the time zone.

So here i am now, laying on the bed writing my blog. I have about 5 hours to rest before we will be picked up to go to the venue for soundcheck. Jetlag is kicking in and i think i need som rest now so i can make a good show tonight, our first show in Argentina.

Bored at the flight to Madrid...

...but that can be changed pretty quickly

Beautiful view over the alps on our way to Madrid!

Landed in Madrid, then train to another terminal to continue the adventure

Spending 5 hours in Madrid airport with beers and burgers.

Johan cannot take this mess anymore... David invites him to an unexpected cuddling-session....

...but Johan wasn't that impressed

Finally arrived in Buenos Aires! Johan, David and Hede

The whole gang (except me who is always holding the camera) in Buenos Aires

Johan and David in the reception of Dazzler Hotel in Buenos Aires

Waiting for our second breakfast this day, in a cafe in Buenos Aires. Peter, David, Johan

Posted by: Renata

So glad you came! Can´t wait to see you tomorrow in São Paulo! Hope you all have a great time in South America! ;)

2012-05-12 @ 03:34:55
Posted by: Francisco from Argentina

Hey guys I want to apologise for taking off at the meet and greed without greeting the whole band. The producer was telling us to leave quickly. Sorry.

By the way I was the guy with the red shirt.

Hoping you come back soon!

You rule.

2012-05-12 @ 04:45:30
Posted by: Francisco from Argentina

I want to apologise for taking off without greeting the whole band at the meet and greed here in Argentina, that was very unpolite but I did it because the staff where telling us to leave quickly. Sorry for that.

Hoping you come back soon, you are awesome.

(I was the guy with the red shirt)

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