Weekend wrap-up and November announcement

Back in Stockholm after loads of sleep i feel in best shape right now! Last weekend and the two festivals was great and this time we had enough sleep and the travels were not bad at all. Okay, i came home a bit after midnight but had good travels and have been sleeping a lot today. I have good memories from this trip and especially from the endeavours with Exodus, but also when Johan got lost in himself on stage, wrapped up his guitar strap and cables around his feet and were stuck and couldn't move... on the side of the stage the Exodus guys were applauding his funny behaviour with a great smile on their faces :-)
Now i have holiday and will just enjoy that as much as i can. Some time will be spent on the recordings of the 8th Sin album "Cosmogenesis" again, but mainly pure holiday. Next show is at Metal Camp in August, which i really look forward to. We were there in 2007 and had a really good time. One song from that show is included at the Cynic Paradise DVD. I remember having lunch with Mille Petrozza and saw the Kreator show after us on the main stage. I am a big Kreator fan and the show was great! Metal Camp is a bit special with its wonderful environment and overall attitude like a summer holiday camp!

Today it has been officially announced that we will support Nightwish in UK in November, right before our European tour. We have not been in UK since 2009 and i know we have many Painheads screaming for this so it feels a little bit like payback, and of course it's gonna be great to get together with our crazy Finnish friends again :-)
Emanuel had been naughty and had to be punished. Photo: Gerd Krenz
Macke had been naughty and had to be punished. Photo: Gerd Krenz
Exodus said goodbye in our backstage before they went back to the
US again. Photo: Gerd Krenz
Laughing with Emanuel backstage at Zwarte Cross... 
Happy with a Smirnoff Ice in the hotel. Photo: Emanuel Isaksson
Live in Czech Republic. Photo: Marcin Pawłowski
Live in Czech Republic. Photo: Marcin Pawłowski
Live in Czech Republic. Photo: Marcin Pawłowski

Posted by: Isa

Hi Michael thanks for your post and great pics I have seen on Facebook and I laugh of seen them ah ah ! and Smirnoff so good ! take your holidays and I can't wait to see you guys in Paris in november ! :-)

Good evening


2012-07-23 @ 19:50:43
Posted by: Isa

Hi Michael It's really you on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/michael.bohlin.9 ? and if It's you, you accept a fans of Pain ?


Svar: Yes, that's me.
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-26 @ 18:20:00

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