Queens of Metal, Germany

As Exodus had been writing signs all over our backstage doors during the festivals we've been doing together (also this time, but they also signed it…), i thought it was time for payback. During their show we messed up their backstage door with marshmallows and signs, and placed pots of flowers and furnitures in front of it so they could barely see the door! Then to make sure we didn't get anything back this time we put a security guard at our door when we went on stage. All we heard when they came back from their show was "what the f**k!!!   :-)

It was a good show and i had a really good time. We were all laughing all the way through the show, did stupid jokes and pranks on stage, run around like maniacs and were just enjoying. I don't know if it had to do with the fact that we actually had enough sleep this time and all felt fresh and good, but it was just one of those days when everything worked out perfectly. All technical stuff worked, and we had a blast on stage. As usual, Exodus was playing before us, and for the fourth time Rob Dukes came up on stage and sang "Shut your mouth" with us. But this time we took it one step further with Rob taking Peter's mic and position acting like the main character singing not only the second verse. It was so great and for the first time during this festival season we actually did an encore in "Bye Die". I'd say all thumbs up for this show!

The Beer wasn't the best i've tried, and the pizza tasted like lasagna… You never know what to expect, that's for sure. But we were all in good mood and had a nice war backstage, with marshmallow-throwing and then started to spank our back line guy Emanuel until he jumped out of the window and ran away. Back to the hotel up in the hills of Masserberg-Schnett we brought all drinks to one of the hotel rooms and continued the party there. I think we went to bed around 4 or 5 this morning, happy but tired.

Went up around 10 to have breakfast today (breakfast points: 5 but with breakfast view: 10) and now i am in bed again in my room writing this blog. We have 4 hours to kill here at the resort so let's see what we will get ourselves into. The sun is shining and i've heard they have bowling here.
Regards from the hills of Germany
Propeller plane again... to Nürnberg
Johan fell asleep in the van again...
...and so did David
Backstage fridge looked good
haha, i've never seen a "AAAA" pass before! Access Almost All Areas!
Halfway through our payback to Exodus, it got way worse...
A view at the audience 1 min before showtime - colosseum-feeling
Me, during the show
David during the show
Pain and Lee Altus from Exodus backstage after our show
Crazy sculptures in the woods behind the stage
Afterparty in the hotel at 4am...
My view at breakfast this morning - now this is 10 points!
We kept the last sign as a memory from the crazy dudes in Exodus!

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