Crazy festival-weekend coming up!

I like statistics, especially crazy statistics, so here comes some more again:
This weekend we will do 3 festivals in 3 countries in 3 days, and we will travel to do this with 8 flights in 4 days. It seems like we are always trying to push the boundaries and make more and more crazy stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if someone also came up with the idea to play only different songs (that we haven't done in years) on one show just for the fun of it... In this band, you'll never know...!

Anyhow, we will be at "Rockharz", "Masters of Rock" and "Bang your head" this weekend, starting on thursday. As i love festival shows i am really looking forward to this weekend!
Since last show i have been celebrating "midsummer" in Sweden, but also been working hard on the "Cosmogenesis" album with 8th Sin. Then i have been visiting car-shows with my Mustang GT, so i have been busy for sure!
See 'ya in a few days! (first flight tomorrow morning at 6am...)
Russian Standard in jumbo-size at midsummer :-)
"Power Big Meet"; Me, my Mustang GT and 114 other Mustangs!
Metaltown - Gothenburg - Sweden, a few weeks ago

Posted by: Pixie

Say hello to Joacim from me <3

Svar: I will! :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-11 @ 15:59:43
Posted by: Isa

Hi Michael !

Thanks for come in France soon ! ;-)

Isa from France

2012-07-11 @ 23:15:14
Posted by: Isa

Hi again sorry but I have a question for you
what is you go for a book signing in Paris on November 13?



Svar: Sorry, i am not sure i understand what you mean?
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-11 @ 23:22:40
Posted by: Isa


Sorry for my bad English so if you made autographs at the exit of the Paris concert in nouvembre?
( I hope you understand me now :-) )

Thanks for your answer

Svar: Hi Isa, that's impossible for us to plan in advance. We have no idea how the evening schedule will look like that day. The only thing i can promise is that we always do our best to try anyway, and i don't see any problems doing that. See 'ya in Paris
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-12 @ 11:09:17
Posted by: Isa

Hi Michael
Thank you for your answer It's really nice I can't wait to see you in Paris !
I hope to see you after the show ! ( and the guys )

And PAIN forever :-)

Thanks again


2012-07-13 @ 00:26:19
Posted by: Fernie

You know that... Mustangs are bit boring? :) Seriously, there are so many fine cars... like my Lincoln :)

Greetings from Czech, I'm looking forward to any future show :)

Svar: If you like Lincoln, thats fine. I am a Mustang guy and think they are just the coolest cars. But i don't think your taste is boring just because we don't share the same passion for cars.
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-13 @ 00:31:08
Posted by: Fernie

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. Here in czech, there is pretty common to say things like that, at least among my friends, who also have Mustangs, some of them have more than one... We are also making jokes about my Continental (well, it looks like wreck), friend's Oldsmobile Diesel (diesel in full-size sedan from 1979, wtf?).

Going to Power Big Meet is my dream, so maybe next year? But not with my car, german police would shoot me at the side of the road...

In my opinion, everyone, who has or love some american car, kinda has the same passion in cars like me. All of them are for driving and driving it makes you happy no matter where you go.

So, sorry and peace. :)

Svar: I understand, i i am not offended at all :-)Take care man!
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-13 @ 01:09:19

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