Bang Your Head festival, Germany

Up again at 6am, after only 1,5 hours of sleep! After about 4 hours in a van back to Prague again in the morning, we flew to Frankfurt with a terribly bumpy flight. In Frankfurt we took a train to Stuttgartwhere we were picked up in a van that took us straight to the festival area as there was not enough time to go and see the hotel and the possibilities to sleep… Fail.
Peter made a very bad mistake. He jumped down from the drum riser on stage with the guitar in his hand two days ago, and unfortunately held it in a position where he hit his left thigh with the tele-cable connector at his guitar. It hurted a bit when it happened but he didn't really made a big thing about it. But at Bang Your Head festival when we were changing clothes, we saw how it looked like two days later and the bruise is just awful!!!

We did a good show, but with a calmer audience than Czech Republic. And with no video-crew i am not in any danger from being knocked down by a camera-crane like yesterday (that would've looked good in front of 15.000 people!). Exodus was also at this festival, and Rob joined us on stage today as well. With his great personality he creates magic at stage and this time he sang the whole second verse of "Shut your mouth" all by himself - awesome moment :-)


After our show, i went to see the fireworks and also met up with Joacim from Amaranthe. When he left we went to see the Exodus show again and then went to get a shuttle to the hotel. This was the first night since wednesday that i got more than 2 hours of sleep! I think i have slept less than 10 hours in 4 days… and it will take days to recover again!


Anyway, next weekend it's the same old song and we have two festivals to conquer. Until then; sleep well! 


This is what you get when you only sleep 1-2 hours per night for 4 days
Another tired guy in the van, Johan
The cause for the bumpy flight to Frankfurt
Waiting for luggage in Frankfurt (we spent lots of time doing this)
On the railway station in Frankfurt, happy but tired
On the train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart
Arrived at Stuttgart railway station, still happy but tired
Another funny message from the Exodus guys when we arrived...
Peter hurt himself again...
Me and Rob Dukes from Exodus
This band was also there and had their backstage next to ours
Another funny sign at the stage entrance again :-)
Rob Dukes from Exodus sang with us again

Posted by: Isa

Hi !

Thanks for the post:-)

So Peter how he was hurt?



Svar: i wrote that in the blog post :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-15 @ 21:11:45
Posted by: hetki

gooood-mooooood photos ))

Svar: hehe :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-16 @ 12:27:03
Posted by: Isa

Hi Michael

Yes I see now ;-) I hope Peter feel better ( with a beer maybe ah ah ;-) )

Thank you good evening



2012-07-16 @ 22:45:31
Posted by: mark

you should put up a pic of all the luggage you guys carry with you on such a crazy travel weekend..

Svar: good idea Mark, i will do that next weekend, only for you :-)
Michael Bohlin

2012-07-17 @ 13:00:39

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