Karmøygeddon metal festival, Norway

Went up at 5am to have breakfast and a shower. Got picked up at 7am by David and Andre and went to the airport. We all knew we had a terrible long day ahead of us so we tried to get into good-mood already in the morning to make it through the day. We met the rest of the gang at Arlanda and it was raining like hell, typical Sweden in April. After a morning drink in the bar we boarded the plane to Oslo. We had a few beers at the flight and then arrived in Oslo around 11am. There we had over 3 hours to kill until the next flight to Haugesund. So we found a place with enough place for all of us, and had pizza and beers. We also met the guys from Vader at the airport who were waiting for the same flight.

Finally in Haugesund we went straight to soundcheck followed by dinner, then straight to the hotel for a couple of hours of sleep. We needed that for sure. Haugesund is a really beautiful litte town, located at the west coast of Norway. I was watching the beautiful view from my hotel window and saw that Doro and her band were having a photosession by the harbour below - good idea!

The show went incredibly well, and i said to myself several times during the show: "we have to come back to Norway more often!" The crowd was very loud and crazy, which became very inspiring for all of us. It felt good to be in this positive environment and also knowing we had so many friends around us. Doro Pesch was standing at the side of the stage watching a few songs as well, giving me the thumbs up when i saw her behind the smoke. Tomas from Hypocrisy and Marcus from Evergrey was in the crowd as well (Marcus filled in for me in Pain on a few occacions back in 2007-2008, but he was in Royal Hunt by then). Then also our own Sean from France and Elsa from Italy, both in first row as usual. I am proud every time i see these painheads on a show, even though i feel a bit embarrassed by the fact that they spend so much time, efforts and money to travel around the world to see us in all these crazy places. I guess my full respect is not enough.

After the show we had a afterparty with loads of people backstage including Vader and Evergrey. At this point we were beyond the point "tired" after a very long day...

Went up the next morning at 5am (again!) to get hotel breakfast (you probably know by now that i am a total sucker for breakfast and cannot miss it), then left Haugesund with Andre and David to the airport around 6am, and so did Vader and Doro. We had a terrible long trip back home to stockholm due to bad connections in Norway, with another 4 hour to kill in Oslo which made our trip about 7 hours in total before i was back home again... Finally back home i crashed at the couch and slept for 3 hours. Another show is over and my neck hurts...

Now i can rest and relax, and build up some enegry until next trip which is the sounth American tour.

Waiting to be picked up, 7am

Arlanda airport 9am. Breakfast beers

On our way in the plane to Oslo

David having breakfast in the plane

Pizza and beers in Oslo airport.

Arrived in Haugesund airport, the home of the Vikings?

The heart of the sound (as always) Eleven Rack and Sennheiser wireless

Backstage fridge

Having a walk in beautiful Haugesund

Nice welcome sign in the hotel...

Wonderful view of Haugesund from my hotel window

Backstage before the show

One of my favourite bands had been here earlier!

The day after, in the morning at Haugesund airport...

Posted by: hetki

Cool! Thanks for the report!

Are you going to come to South America with the same line-up?

2012-04-23 @ 11:02:23
Posted by: Michael

Hi Hetki, we will go to South America with the original line-up, so Johan will be back by then.



2012-04-23 @ 16:53:19
Posted by: Maria

Hi Michael, I'm glad you're at home, after some experiences.

For me it was very surprising to have "pain" here in my country and I am very happy to meet you.

I'm very sorry about your difficulties in Colombia, but I hope that's not a reason not to come again ... we love the band and soon hope to have "pain" again ...

Painhead forever...


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