First show 2012 - Västerås, Sweden

Okay, none of us had played a song since November last year when we ended the 2011 tour in Stockholm. You feel a but rusty and get that feeling that it was a couple of years ago since you were on stage - it was not, we are only talking about 4,5 months... :-)

It was really good to meet the gang again! Everybody was happy and eager to get going. Peter, David and Andre (Johan couldn't make it this time) were all talking about the song structures and we had to practice during soundcheck, hahaha.. Hede, Macke, Emanuel and Jonas were just professionals as always. I have realized that it is only the crew that are true professionals in this gang, not the musicians, hehe..

Anyway, Västerås is only 100km west from Stockholm so this was a very easy and soft start of the 2012 touring. I could just pack my bags and jump into my Mustang and had a nice ride to Västerås for about one hour. As most of us were driving and/or had other early obligations the next day, it was a calm and easy evening with no party. We played in a small club called "SG25" which served a nice atmosphere to it. The audience was good and the show itself went really good if you ask me. We didn't do any major mistakes and i would say we performed well considering the circumstances. My new Jackson guitar performed flawless and as i changed guitar in the end of the show i realised it had way better feeling than the Tuck guitar - i wonder if i have found a new favourite!?

I thought i couldn't be more surprised when it comes to our fans, the Painheads, but now i was wrong again. The Italian girl that saw so many of our shows last year in both Italy, Spain and Sweden, was in the front row in Västerås as well. Same thing with Sean from France who starts to be as common sight as a backdrop on stage, he was also there. I guess there is no way for me to express how i feel about these deditacted Painheads, but i guess you can imagine. Respect is the only word.

I got back home around 4am, driving carefully in my Mustang in a minor snowstorm... Now relaxing in a cold and snowy Stockholm, next show is Norway in about 3 weeks. We have not played in Norway since 2008 so this is something i am looking forward to a lot. On a sidenote, it is now also officially confirmed that we will go on a South American tour in May! See you all Painheads in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico!

2012-04-20 Karmøygeddon metal festival – Haugesund – Norway
2012-05-11 Vorterix Theatre (Teatro de Colegiales) – Buenos Aires – Argentina
2012-05-12 Blackmore Rockbar – Sao Paolo – Brazil
2012-05-15 TBC – TBC – Bolivia
2012-05-17 Teatro Metro – Bogota – Colombia
2012-05-19 Pepper Club – San José – Costa Rica
2012-05-20 Circo Volador – Mexico City – Mexico
2012-07-12 Rockharz – Ballenstedt – Germany
2012-07-13 Masters of rock – Plzen – Czech Republic
2012-07-14 Bang Your Head – Balingen – Germany
2012-07-21 Queens Of Metal – Steinbach – Germany
2012-08-10 Metalcamp – Tolmin – Slovenia

Andre and Peter backstage a few minutes before the show in Västerås

Icey grille on the Mustang, damn i have to admit it is not summer yet..


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