Day 44 - Murcia, Spain

Woke up and stepped out of the bus, immediately got struck by the heat and moist familiar to Spain. For me as a Swede, this is a hot summer day. For Spanish people, this is probably cold J

Me and David took a long walk in Murcia, enjoying the 25 degrees in the shadow, just wearing t-shirt. We walked along the long roads covered by palm trees, just enjoying the environment. I mean, in just a couple of days we will be back in the autumn of a grey, cold, windy and rainy Stockholm again. So this is something like, seize the moment.

On our way back to the bus/venue we found a big shopping mall where we spent some time. A few surprises struck us as Swedes, just because we are not used to it. Like the enormous wall of dry meat (nowhere to be seen in Sweden) or puppies in cages in the pet store (you never see that in Sweden either).

The show was okay, even though the stage was way too small and lots of things didn’t work out as planned. To make things even worse, some stupid people had painted graffiti on our tourbus after the show, thank you… ***

Next stop is Madrid, which is also the last stop on the European part of this tour.

David in Murcia, Spain

Murcia, Spain

David in a shopping mall with loads of dry meat..


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