Day 43 - Barcelona, Spain

Bad luck. I was actually looking forward to Barcelona, as everytime i have been there it has been fantastic weather. This morning we arrived in Barcelona and it was raining like hell. Too bad. Okay, i got all the palmtrees and stuff but no heat and only rain.
Next bad luck, when we arrived and were about to park outside the venue (at the designated area for tourbus) it was a car parked there, exactly in our way. Of course. So our driver called the police who eventually came to remove the car so we could park. Nice :-)
Third bad luck, it turned out that the venue didn't have enough buspower for us, and also no breakfast. So we left the bus and took a walk to have something to eat. Anyone who knows me also knows that i am not functional without breakfast! :-)

Outside the venue i found an Italian Pain-fan, who visited all three shows in Italy, and now she was here as well, all alone. Sitting on the ground, in the rain, under an umbrella, 6 hours before our show. Respect. It hurts to see things like this so we let her inside the venue instead.

There's one really good thing about Salamandra - they have Venue Profile mixing consoles. As we have Venue SC48 on this tour (same system), Kimmo didn't even bring the desk from the trailer at this show. He only brought his USB stick with the show file, loaded the file into the current Venue Profile, and was ready to go in a few minutes. Great!
This is the same venue as we had our final show on our headline tour in 2009 with Brother Firetribe. I have very good and funny memories from that show so the vibes from this place had high expectations. This time was no exception and we had a really good time on stage!

A car was in our way... our driver called the Police and had it removed :-)

A rainy Barcelona

Venue Profile in Salamandra - Kimmo was happy :-)

The Italian Painhead, waiting in the rain to see the 4th Pain-show on this tour

A Pain Metalplate - a present from a Painhead in Barcelona!

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Live in Heerlen, the Netherlands

Posted by: Cristina

Great show!!! Yesterday I felt a little bit disappointed because there was not so many people like the last time, but anyway, I hope you felt the same enthusiasm from us (I sung, screamed and jumped in the first line like the last time!!!!!) I also brought a good souvenir from the show: a pic with you =D here you have some pictures from yesterday!!

Big kisses from Barcelona and see u the next time =D

2011-10-29 @ 23:50:09

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