Day 42 - Toulouse, France

Didn't sleep that well tonight. Woke up several times by the sound of someone coughing and puking on the floor, right next to my bunk. Then woke up by the sound of other people yelling "what the f**k is going on!" and then by the sound of puking over and over again. We have a journalist travelling with us doing a tour report during the French part of the tour, and it seems like he has no clue how to handle alcohol and certainly not how to behave in a tourbus. He had puked in the whole bus, throughout the entire corridor! This is our home! I'm wanna kick his ass!

Whats wrong with journalists and alcohol anyway? Same thing happened a couple of weeks back when we had a guy from Metal Hammer travelling with us for a few days - he got so drunk he had no idea where he was, got war paint all over his face, and i doubt he has anything to write about as he has no memory at all from that trip... No more journalists in our tourbus!

Anyway, Denis is back with us again (the crazy French Photographer) and today he had another of his crazy photosession-ideas.. He came to the venue and told us to bring our guitars and come out on the backside. So we did. There he had an old Jeep from WW2, weapons, clothes, helmets, everything that should turn us all into some soldier-maniacs. We had a really good time with lots of laughs (and also anyone passing by..), but i have not seen the pictures yet. I am sure it will turn out totally mad.

Le Phare Club is a really nice venue, i like it a lot. New, fresh, and with lots of space. The show went really great, thank you France, hope to see 'ya soon again!

Now we leave for Spain. Three shows to do there before we are heading back home again.

Live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Live in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Björn and Patrik in the merch-shop in Heerlen, with a happy Pain-fan

Björn in the merch-shop in Utrecht, with Pain-fans

Posted by: vlan

It seems you are a little bit angry :) Keep beeing in a very good moon like everytime guy ! :D

2011-10-28 @ 09:33:52

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