Day 40 - Paris, France

Woke up early in Denis livingroom. Nice and sunny day, we left by car to the venue Divan Du Monde around lunchtime (and once again experienced some French traffic-chaos on our way there). I came in and realised this place was way too small for the French Painheads! I know it's sold out, but anyway, next time i hope we will end up in a bigger place than this. Our crew arrived shortly after me and Denis, and did their best as usual and managed to squeeze in most parts of our stage-set on this small stage. But it wasn't much room left for us :-)

After a couple of hours during the day I felt pain creeping up my upper left back, near my neck/shoulder. I have no idea what this came from, if it’s too much headbanging, if I slept in a weird position on Denis couch, or if it’s just a knot in the muscle system. Anyhow, it hurts like hell when I turn my head backwards to the left, and I feel a bit stiff. Andre helped me with some massage and I also used loads of Tiger Balm before the show to ease the pain. Eventually it will go away.

The show was totally crazy and overall fantastic. A sold out Divan du Monde, packed with crazy and loud French Painheads, is just simply awesome. It seems like we can always count on France! When we played “Dirty woman”, one woman in the audience jumped up on her friends shoulders, pulled down her blouse, and showed her t**s. What a crazy evening in Paris. I met with my friends Anders and Ulrika backstage afterwards and also the Pain contest winners, as well as our friend “Sean The Painhead”.

Outside the venue I met a bunch of crazy Painheads that had been driving all the way from London to see our show (as UK was not part of the tour this time), and we got the coolest drawing of Pain that I’ve ever seen! Thanks guys, this one made me proud over our fans!

Two more French shows to do, next one is Lyon. I hope my pain will go away soon.

Live in Paris! Photo: Denis Goria

The Pain-drawing!!

Divan du Monde, Paris - SOLD OUT! Photo: Patrik Douglas

David is checking out the merch-shop in Paris

Light-check at Divan du Monde, Paris

Divan du Monde, Paris

Divan du Monde, Paris


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