Day 34 - Aschaffenburg, Germany

So, back in Germany for the fourth time during this tour now, but also the last. The first thing i see when i look out the window is a magnificant view over the valley and surrounding monutains that covers the landscape outside Aschaffenburg. As the city of Aschaffenburg is small and has very narrow streets, it is impssible for us to go there with our big Nightliner. So we had parked outside the city, up in the mountains by the hotel of Klingerhof. This kind of view is a bit breathtaking for me, and i got out of the bus and was just standing still, staring at the landscape and said to myself "sometimes nature is so beautiful".

We left the bus in Klingerhof and transported all gear, band and crew in shuttles back and forth to the city until we had everything in place. We stayed at the venue Colos-Saal for the whole day until showtime. It was a cold autumn day and i didn't feel like taking a walk today. Maybe i should've brought more warm clothes, and some gloves and a hat..

The show went fine, i almost slipped on this very slippery stage floor a couple of times but it went ok. I am getting better now from my flu but now Andre is getting the same shit as i had and Peter wasn't in his best shape either. Let's all recover a bit.

My view when i woke up this morning! Priceless!

Kimmo Ahola is the guardian of the truss when Pain is touring! :-)

I got a nice present from David today, to keep me busy and quiet...

Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg. Pain at a Jazz club? ;-)

Welcome to Aschaffenburg

Posted by: Mark

Show at Helling, Utrecht is Sold Out!! Can't wait.

2011-10-20 @ 19:33:52

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