Day 57 - Mariestad, Sweden

!!! 11-11-11 !!!
You shouldn't have too high hopes, that's what i learned today. Normally, eleven is my lucky number, but today i seriously doubt it.

I woke up early as usual, and realised that i got almost no sleep this night as the party in the bus was serious. Normally i sleep like a stone even though people are having a party. Also, the party normally goes on upstairs and i have my bed downstairs, so it's fine. But this night it was all over the top, on both floors and outside the bus. So i was terrible tired all morning and just tried to figure out when i could get my sleep back.

Then we arrived in Mariestad and i walked into the venue to get something to eat. That's when i first saw the stage. I was like "is this a joke?". As long as i have been in this band, i have never played in such small stage ever. The stage-set we have is pretty big, but it can also be transformed to adapt to different stage sizes. But this was something else... I started to think that this day will be interesting.

As we have such fantastic crew, they always tries to get the best out of every situation, and in some crazy way the found a way to use small parts of our stage-set in this venue anyway. We made our soundcheck and it felt like it will be okay after all. Then i got reminded again that this is a Pain tour. When we were about to eat dinner, the whole place went dark. The power system in this building was not really top of the line so to speak.. Mixing consoles started to blink and all electrinics went nuts. Something really bad had happened to the power system and it was clear that our gear was too much for it.

So, terribly hungry, we were sitting in a dark restaurant with candles on the table, waiting for the power to come back so they could start making our food in the kitchen. The mood fell pretty low with most of us at this point. Eventually they managed to fix the power system and everything started to function again, including the kitchen and we got our dinner.

I went out to the bus and went to sleep. I really need to get my sleep! I fell asleep right away and woke up two hours later by my alarm clock. I don't know if this was a good idea, but to wake up 50 minutes before showtime, and feel like a zombie (even more tired than before) is taking it's toll sooner or later.

Showtime. We managed to fit the stage even though we couldn't move at all. After just a few songs, in "The end of the line", Buffeln from Raubtier had a bright idea to come up on stage to give Peter a shot of booze. Not that smart. Due to the small stage size, he pushed me over when he was leaving the stage so i fell backwards towards the drums, and managed to get hold of a moving head right before i hit the floor. After the feeling i got through this whole day, i got totally pissed off when this happened and started to yell at him. This was not intentional and he was very sorry about this, and i had to apologize afterwards. The whole situation just made me so angry, but not really at him. Poor Buffeln :-(

Next stop is Örebro, and also Johans bithday!

Our backline tech, Emanuel. Faceless.

Welcome to Mariestad

Less than 50% of our stage-set could fit in the venue in Mariestad..

Loading the bus after the show, at 3:30 am in Mariestad

Mariestad by night


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