Day 55 - Lund, Sweden

Back in the tourbus again. Back in black. We left Stockholm late last night together with Raubtier and our whole crew. David didn't go with us as he was busy and arrived today with train to Lund instead. Same with Johan, who doesn't even live in Stockholm, so he also joined us in Lund. Our crazy French photographer Denis Goria also joined in Lund, as he will do some documentary for some possible future stuff. We drove all night and arrived early morning in Lund. First we picked up all our gear that had been in a warehouse after the european tour, and then we continued to the venue. We realised that some very important gear was left in Germany in our other tourbus, so our German tourmanager Marcus Müller had to pick up the gear and drive all the 700km to Lund and leave it before our soundcheck. Sweet. Now we don't have to remind ourselves that this is a Pain tour.

It's fun to be back with Raubtier again, and with Johan. I have missed him a lot. The crazy Raubtier guys went to a store in Lund and bought really expensive radio-controlled mini-helicopters. They went out on the backside of the venue, started them up, flew about 2 minutes, and then crashed them all completely. That was very expensive 2 minutes of fun... Jeez

I like to play in Sweden, among all our friends. Our guestlist on every show in Sweden is completely packed. This night we had friends from Xzavier/Rawk and Avid, among many others. The show was good and it was packed in "mejeriet"! Lots of energy, and after a couple of songs it felt like last show was yesterday.

Tomorrow we will end up in Gothenburg. The home of great metal, and we have loads of friends there. I am really looking forward to see them all!

Johan is back! (-stage, hahaha)

David is polishing his metal painheads

Raubtiers metal was already shiny

Soundcheck in "Mejeriet", Lund. Venue SC48 as usual. Kimmo Ahola as usual.

Back in Black - our home right now

David before the show (and Denis is always around...)

Audience in Lund


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