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Normally i don't do any post here if i am not on the road doing shows, but this is an exception and i felt that i had something to say.

You all know by now that i play Jackson guitars and you have realised that i love them. You also know that i think the Rhoads model is the coolest piece of metal gear on the planet. Right, so far so good. But what makes me wanna write this post is when i hear or read somewhere that Jackson guitars claims they are proud to have me playing their axes. That's just crazy as it is the complete opposite: I am proud to play THEIR guitars! Not the other way around!

I remember it as if it was yesterday, back in 1983 when Kiss released their album "Lick it up" and i saw Vinnie Vincent playing this ultra-cool pointy guitar in both the "Lick it up" video but also the "All hells breaking loose" video. I was 12 years old and said to myself: "i'm gonna play one of those when i grow up someday". I was totally struck by the design and thought this is where history of metal guitars ends; it can't get any cooler than this, it's impossible. This guitar followed me in my dreams during my youth years and kept reminding me that many of my heroes were also using it. I remember seing Dan Spitz in Anthrax using it, Mille Petrozza in Kreator, Gary Holt in Exodus, Dave Mustaine in Megadeth, Robbin Crosby in Ratt and many more. Back in the 80's it was like everybody was using Jackson, and became a signature of an entire era. It actually took me a number of years until i realized that the biggest of them all mr Randy Rhoads himself (may you rest in peace), was the designer of the pre-version of this particular guitar. I didn't need any more proof.

Here i am now; i grew up and i sticked to my plan to play the guitar of my dreams. I am not only proud to use such great instrument and piece of metal attitude, i feel like being part of something bigger than just a guitar manufacturer with some great heritage in the metal genre; i am part of a family, i feel like i belong. So this is for all of you at Jackson guitars; don't give me that crap about being proud to have me, i owe you big time for fulfilling my dreams. Never stop what you're doing! Your're only young once, you only grow up once. Over and out.
(by the way, in just about a month, August 1st, we will do what might be the last Pain show of 2014 in Finspång, which is the hoods where i grew up. We will play the "Skogsröjet" festival and i will get the chance to meet with the Unisonic guys again - looking forward!)
External link: Michael Bohlin on Jackson's website
External link: Michael Bohlin Official on Facebook
Screenshot from Jackson's website
2010 Jackson ad with some real guitarists, and me
My favourite guitar, the one i use the most in live shows today: The Rhoads RRX
In the Jackson memorial room at Fender Visitor Center in Corona, CA
I was watching the final setup of a classic US King V at the factory in CA
Dave Brown showed me a spectacular paintjob at the factory in CA
I walked by some Rhoads and King V's ready to be assembled, in the factory in CA


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