Glasgow, UK (and birthday celebrations)

So, my birthday went along fine. We had a log drive from Leeds to Glasgow and i was watching the beautiful Scottish landscapes on our way there. When we arrived in Glasgow me and David took a walk around downtown searching for any stores that would sell Whisky. I am a Whisky freak and especially the Single Malts from Islay. Being in Scotland i was sure i could buy some great Whiskys everywhere but after our long walk around the city we found exactly nothing! :-(
So we went back to the venue, did the soundcheck and then headed for the hotel. It was just one block away and we realized we had to use our hotel rooms as backstage areas as well, as the venue didn't have any. Well, compared to the Leeds backstage, it was a huge improvement! :-)
Before i went to the show i opened up my online app in my phone for Bandit Radio (the Swedish rock radio station) and listened when my daughter Kimmy celebrated my birthday live on the radio. She's just too nice :-)
Show went fine, and afterwards we went back to our hotel to change clothes again. Then we hit the streets of Glasgow to celebrate my birthday. We found this rock bar called "Cathouse" where we hang out partying until they threw us out at 4 am. Then we continued the party in the hotel, which the guards didn't like at all.
Today we have a long drive to Derby and it seems like most of us is slower than usual - i wonder why...
English breakfast in Leeds
Having a break on our way, Scottish landscapes in the background
Shopping street in Glasgow
Outside the Art Museum in Glasgow, i wonder why he has a roadcone on his head?
Toilets in the venue in Glasgow
Our tour-shirts for the UK tour
Painheads lining up outside the venue in Glasgow
I was listening to the Swedish Radio station online when they were celebrating me
Birthday celebrations from Scotish painheads
The ticket to our show in Glasgow
Birthday party at the Cathouse in Glasgow
Birthday card from Painheads in Glasgow

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