Derby, UK

Slow day, very slow day. Felt like the hours in the van from Glasgow to Derby would last forever... Finally we arrived, soundchecked, had some dinner and then had a good relax at the hotel before the show. The venue in Derby was also in a state where we decided to use our hotel room instead of the backstage, as the hotel was close enough to just have a walk there.
I read somewhere, i think it was at Facebbok, that we had people in the audience today that had flewn in to Derby from Dublin to see us. God dammit, that's what i call dedication! Thanks!
Today's travel goal is Cardiff. Tonight we have our last show on this UK tour and another 5 shows is history, and tomorrow we fly back home to Stockholm again.
My bag and my book - ready to hit the streets again
UK candy - slightly bigger than Swedish equivalent
Scottish landscapes seen through the van window
Glasgow seen from our hotel

Posted by: carine

Vilken intressant lektyr du har där :) Njut!

2013-02-17 @ 12:21:36
Posted by: Mags and Lukas

Hi Michael my son already thanked for the wonderful concert on the Facebook.. it was fantastic Thanks for the good fun, and I think to see you next time, no matter where-even in Stockholm all the best Boys from Dublin xx
This was my Christmas present .. how many times I thanked my son-I have no idea.. I have a lot of wonderful pictures, I was in the front, will certainly to a large frame in the living room :) take care

Svar: Thank you guys for coming!
Michael Bohlin

2013-02-17 @ 16:50:12

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