Cardiff, UK

We arrived in a sunny Cardiff in Wales in mid afternoon. We had some time before soundcheck so me and David had a real walk around town to check it out. None of us had been in Cardiff before and i must say i was surprised. The first thing i saw when i jumped out of the van was a huge castle wall. I love castles so that made me happy right away. When we walked around the city we also looked at the beautiful church and surroundings. The architecture of Cardiff was very interesting i must say. Unfortunately most things were closed as it was sunday afternoon. Finally we sat down at Pizza Hut and had lunch and a Magners (i love the Irish Cider!)
The final show of this UK tour was great and we all had a good time. After a tough tour we now went to our "hotel" and slept a few hours until we had to jump in the van again at 06:30 this morning to go to Heathrow. During the flight back home to Sweden again i tried to make some general reflections of the UK trip but only had one thing in my head that kind of blocked everyting else preventing a general conclusion. Can someone please explain this UK-sink thing to me? One tap with icecold water and one tap with boiling hot water. Come on, it is 2013, i don't understand how to use this! This is useless to me! Please?
Now i am back home again, sitting i my sofa watching TV feeling great. I just washed my hands in our sink with only one tap, where you can actually chose any temperature you want, hahaha :-)
Anyway, thank you all UK Painheads for treating us so well during this tour! I am so happy that so many of you turned up and made our trip all worth it! 'cause i can promise it wasn't all easy! Thank you also for all your kind celebrations during my birthday.
Just arrived to the venue in Cardiff
The big church of Cardiff
Interesting archetechture of Cardiff, old meets new, meets strict, meets wild
The beautiful castle of Cardiff, me and David checked it out
David is challenging the mutant skull for an angry face...
...while i found another one with the same size
Now, who can explain this to me? Please? PLEASE! I don't understand...

Posted by: Elmas

Hahahaha, the sink picture! I guess one has to make their choice then! Boiling hot or freezing cold!
Awesome blog Michael! All the best, keep rocking! Much love!

Svar: Thank you Elmas, appreciated!
Michael Bohlin

2013-02-18 @ 23:21:49

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