Kuopio, Finland - SOLD OUT!

Yeah, the title above is getting a bit worn out by now, but we are all proud of it! If we can also sell out Turku Tomorrow we will have a full score point and can proudly leave Finland with a smile.

Took a walk in the city of Mikkeli with Johan after having breakfast in a local café. We missed the hotel-breakfast by 30 mins which made me very angry. You know how much i appreciate the hotel-brekfasts, if they are any good of course.

A few hours in the bus from Mikkeli to Kuopio was a ride with a bunch of restless guys with nothing to do. But it was also a ride with a bunch of guys who looked more dead than alive and a few guys who were still drunk since last night. Now this clash of two major difficulties shall never been put in the same small environment. Why? Because one can not be close to the other without making some evil jokes and the state differencies makes it even worse! This time it was the booking manager who was on the "dead" side and had to take the hit for the evil plans. As soon as he felt asleep he got paint in his face. Black ears and a big fat mustache was painted in his face with black permanent marker. We took some photos and then just pretended nothing happened. Now this is the bad part of this evil joke: everybody knows how it goes, and no one will be such a nice guy to tell him when he wakes up that he looks stupid. The result is always so funny! We arrived in Kuopio and started to unload the bus. It was hours ago since this happened and this guy still walked around with this silly black marker paint in his face. He hadn't look himself in the mirror so how should he know? He had no idea why everyone was smiling when he passed by… "Grown up men do things together".

Kuopio is the hometown of Turmion Kätilöt so i guess this show is a bit special to them. I feel like that when we play in Stockholm anyway, having loads of friends around.
The show in Kuopio went fantastic, it was more (!) than sold out and this was the loudest audience so far in Finland. Even louder than Helsinki that had twice the quantity of people there! Thank you Kuopio, this will be a night we will never forget and that became special to us. The funny joke tonight was when we covered Peter in plastic bags and taped him until he looked like a living garbage bag. Then we threw him up on stage when Turmion Kätilöt played - success! :-)

So we only have one show left to go now, in Turku. That will be the show that will determine if we can call this tour sold out or not!
Virgin Oil Co in Helsinki
Virgin Oil Co in Helsinki
By some unknown reason Johan was cut off this picture... Strange!
Painting-time in the bus!
Getting a nice mustasche!
Now that's what we call tour-art!
Not the sharpest knives in the drawer...
My new best friend waiting to get on stage in Kuopio
Very personal to me!
The best drinks always have to be served ice cold!
Preparing the garbage man...
Ready to rock! :-)
Garbage man taking a leak... looks suspicious

Posted by: Matleena

Sorry Johan that you were cut off from the pic, you're eco was too big =) ..just joking, the posters photo format was too narrow to your promo photos, our apologies! And thanks for the great gig in Mikkeli!!!

Svar: Thanks
Michael Bohlin

2012-10-25 @ 08:43:02

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