Jyväskylä, Finland - SOLD OUT!

After a bumpy ride we finally arrived in Jyväskylä. Without revealing any names, the full bus of people traveling Helsinki-Jyväskylä (both bands and all crew, around 15 people) was delayed for several hours because of two individuals who were shitfaced beyond recognition last night (or actually this morning...) and couldn't find their way out of the hotel. This is something that always seems to happen as soon as we enter Finland. Countless of times in the past this is how the story goes, and i wonder if Finland has a bad influence on us? I also wonder if there will be a day in the future where we actually just skip anyone who couldn't respect time schedules and leave without them? Probably not. But we have been really close a few times. Really close.
The show went very well and we had loads of fun on stage today, it was just one of those days... We ran around and did stupid jokes to each other, and in "Shut your mouth" i sneaked up on Peter from behind and tied up his armsleeves around his back. It got even worse when Turmion Kätilöt did their show... We collected all toiletpaper we could find backstage, and then wrapped up a naked guy like a mummy. Then he ran out on stage in the same song as Peter also joined in. The stage looked like a total chaos with bottles flying around, toiletpaper all over the floor and then a mummy walking around half-naked (as the paper tend to fall off...). Lutakko is also one of these places where they have a Sauna backstage. I used it last time i was here (last year), but this time i didn't. But most of the finnish guys did, of course.
Thank you Jyväskylä, the second sold out show in a row now! And thank you Helsinki yesterday!
Tomorrow we are going to Mikkeli. As i remember it we were there playing Jurassic Rock in August 2009, and that was my first time in Mikkeli. That was also one of these crazy events where one guy (no names) couldn't find his way out from the hotel as he by mistake took the elevator down to the basement, and then didn't have a keycard to get back up again. After running around in the basement for a while, he eventually came up a few blocks away, on the other side of the street... Let's see how it goes this time :-)
Load-out in the morning from Virgin Oil, Helsinki
The new Ferarri-Red Jackson RRX (and his trans-black twin brother)
Having a laugh at soundcheck in Jyväskylä
People of Jyväskylä are making fun of our Swedish friends
The line to the entrance - it was sold out today as well
Wrapping up the toiletpaper-mummy backstage
The mummy, just seconds before entering the stage
Action! The mummy and Peter went on stage with Turmion Kätilöt
Immediate success! :-) Peter singing in the background
Heavy drinking on stage with a mummy and loads of toiletpaper...


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