Hamburg, Germany

I had a look in my calendar and realized there's so many things you miss out on when you are traveling a lot like i do. And that's not only with Pain, but in general as i also travel a lot in my regular work. I wasn't home on fathers day, i will not be home when i release my own album, i will not be home on my daughters birthday in January and i will not be home on my own birthday in February. It's not the end of the world to miss things like that but it can mean different things to different individuals, and it made me think: am i traveling too much? 


Anyway, Hamburg show was great and we all had great fun fooling around with each other! I think the feeling that we are only a few shows away from coming back home is highly present with all of us now. I saw several familiar faces in the audience again and i have always liked the Markthalle stage. I don't know why but i think it has a cool look with the half-moon style lighting rig. Hamburg is also the place where Peter has made the silly mistake of referring to a different city when talking to the audience between songs, and he has done that twice here! Hamburg must be cursed, hehe. So this time our crew wanted to be sure he didn't say anything stupid and made several big notes that they taped on the floor right where he is standing, that said "Hamburg"…. 


I believe Johan is feeling better now, so now it might be my turn soon to get weak. When i woke up this morning i felt this familiar pain in my throat that i had felt so many times before, which is normally the first sign of a cold coming creeping up on you. Let's see if i can stay away from it.


Tonight we are in Saarbrücken, a place we haven't played since 2007.

Live in Paris
Painheads in Munich. Photo: Eva Bubek-Louis, Metal Hammer
Live in Warsaw. Photo: Rock Axxess
Live in Warsaw. Photo: Rock Axxess
The grey view from my backstage window in Hamburg. Our tourbuses and the railway
David suddenly freaked out and wanted to be a guitar player on soundcheck...
Peter's signs on the stage floor to remember what city we were in :-)
Kimmo is planning his next drink: what can you do with "Whisky" and Vodka?
Got this picture from Sarah Ziegenhagen with her memories from the show in Pratteln


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