Sao Paulo

Woke up with a jetlag around 04:00 as usual when i am in the wrong time zone. Was tossing and turning until 5:45 when i finally got up and packed our pags. Went for breakfast (brekfastpoints:1) around 06:00 and then we left to the airport. There we ended up in loud discussions with the staff at the counter who refused to take our all our luggage. First of all they could barely understand english, which in my world is needed of you work in an airport, and second, they were not willing to make any exceptions and help us out in any way. I can not recommend this airline to anyone, but i guess i shouldn't mention their name here... Anyhow, with our local promotors help (who could translate) we managed to get out of the situation after more than an hour of heated discussions. We jumped on the plane that took us to Montivideo, Uruguay.

This was a pretty short flight and we landed in Uruguay about 45 mins later. But we had a fantastic view over the shorelines of Buenos Aires on the way there, and i had a laugh when i realised that there's a cultural difference around the whole flight-thing in this part of the world. While the plane is still "climbing" its way up towards the sky, with a steep uphill slope, the "fasten your seatbelt" sign turns off and people starts to walk around in the cabin - or shall i say climibing around? It looks funny i must say, as we are used to not being able to walk around until the plane has straightened properly.

After a short break in Uruguay, we entered the plane that took us to Sao Paulo, Brasil. This was a much longer flight, i think around 2,5h and the landing was somehwhat ugly! The plane went down to land but the heavy winds were throwing the Bobardier plane back and forth and when we finally hit the ground it was almost sideways :-)
In the emergency instructions it said: "in case of emergency and landing on water, you have to bring your seat". What? Bring your seat? I have never seen this before and had a great laugh about it, as it looked funny in the instructions. Hede took a great picture of this.

The trip to the city from the airport of Sao Paulo was very interesting. I don't think i have ever seen a city this size with that many skyskrapers! This place is huge! We saw it from the sky as well, but it was even more prominent during the long drive towards downtown. Unfortunately this was a day with no sun in Sao Paulo :-(

We went straight to the venue "Blackmore Rock Bar" and were surprised. We were a bit late for soundcheck that was supposed to be around 4pm, but realised that the place was not in a condition for us to start anyway. Most equipment were in bad condition and things were missing. This is around 4pm. At 8pm we are at the exact same level and haven't even started our soundcheck yet - we were supposed to be on stage at 9pm, after a support act... The entire day and evening passed and we had to make compromises to almost everything, and this affected our support act as well. It was not heir fault but they had to make a shorter show and without any soundcheck at all. I am sad to say this, as the fans who have paid money to see our show deserves betterif you ask me! The good news is that it was a good show anyway, from a performance perspective, and certainly from the audience perspective. I hope our fans (that have been waiting for so many years for us to come to Brasil) was happy anyway! We did our very best, i can promise you that!

After the show we went to our hotel and i went straight to bed. Some of my colleagues did not though... But now we will stay in Sao Paulo for three days until we are heading for Bogota, Colombia, on wednesday. I have no idea what we will do here, but i am sure will will find something out. It's Davids birthday tomorrow so i guess we have to throw him a party anyway? :-)

Johan and David having breakfast in Buenos Aires airport

Leaving Buenos Aires

About to leave Montivideo, Uruguay

The airport of Montivideo, Uruguay

My gear on the flight to Sao Paulo, a book and a beer

Bring your seat if we land on water... Photo by Hede

Just arrived in Sao Paulo, Brasil

Arriving at Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo

The stairs that shall take you to the stage...

Backstage in Sao Paulo

Arriving at the hotel in the night after the show. We will stay here for a few days now

Posted by: Valéria

Hej! Jag har just pratat med en väninna som var i ert konsert i São Paulo igår, hon har berättat om er situation som jagg tycker är väldigt tråkigt. Jag tror att ni har redan funnit nånting bättre för att göra imorgon eller på tisdagen, men om ni vill kan jag ta er till centrum och visa stan. Jag bor inte bort från Paulista. Du kan skriva till mitt mejl om du vill.

Ah, när jag sa att jag skulle skriva, sa hon att jag kunde göra lite reklam av kort som hon tog igår. hehe

2012-05-14 @ 00:04:04
Posted by: Renata

The first thing I thought when I arrived at “Blackmore Rock Bar” was that Pain deserved a better place to make their concert… but anyway, the show was great and I went mad lol

Despite of all that shit, I hope you come back soon! You´re the best! Thank you a lot for everything!

2012-05-14 @ 05:51:44
Posted by: Fabio

You can be sure the concert was great and all the fans that attended were really happy. Unfortunately that place is really crappy. I could not believe Pain was going to play there, Sao Palo is a huge city as you said and there's a lot of better places you could have played, you deserve a better place. But thanks for the concert and the effort, you're great!

2012-05-15 @ 04:06:03
Posted by: Cris

I just can't understand: why didn't you play at Manifesto? It doesn't make any sense... Blackmore is such a creapy place. Come back soon, alrite? Great show, spetacullar night, despite all the difficulties and setbacks \m/

2012-05-20 @ 13:30:02

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