Sao Paulo, part II

So, what do you do in a city like Sao Paulo with 11 million people, when you have 3 days and no plans? This is supposed to be a sunny city, and it is all cloudy outside and "only" 18 degrees.
By the way, breakfastpoint at this hotel: 2.

We have been told what we can do and what we can not do, what we shall avoid and what we need to keep in mind. Do this, do not do this and so on. Having all that said, it leaves us with few options to actually DO something in this part of the world. After i had woke up way too early again (still jet-lagged) and had breakfast, we took a walk right outside our hotel. It was pretty obvious that there is nothing to do around here if we don't go further, and we are not allowed to. Okay. So i went back up to my room, tucked myself into bed again with my computer and watched a movie. After a while Peter came in and had bought a bag full of Smirnoff Ice for me - he is so sweet... Then he asked if he could borrow my toilet. This is when things started to go wrong. He was in there for a long time and i was still in bed watching my movie. When he finally came out he was yelling something about his poo that would refuse to flush away. He was running in and out of the toilet with different ideas of how to get rid of the smelly damn things swimming around in there. It was four large fellows that just wouldn't go away. Finally he gave up and left my room with a smile and said "your toilet is fucked up now". Thanks...

After the hotel service personell had been in my room to fix the poo-problem, i finished the movie and then went downstairs. Next to our hotel is a small shop, like a combination of a pub/coffee shop/bakery/hang-around. There i found the rest of the gang drinking beers. They had found beers in 1 Litre bottles and were so happy. As no one still had found anything better to do, we hang out in this place for the rest of the day. We drank their beers (and Smirnoff Ice) and ate when ever we felt hungry. When it became dark outside Eric suggested that we all took a cab to a local bar he knew, to continue the party. So we did. I have no idea where we were, but it was a really nice place and we continued our party there.

The next day (today) is Davids birthday. After waking up too early again (DAMN!) i picked up Johan and had breakfast already at 7am. I hate jet-lag. Anyway, we woke up everybody except David, then went to this local shop next door again and asked to buy 36 bottles of beer to our drummer who turns 36 today. It was 8:45 in the morning and they just looked at us, shaking their heads and gave us a quantity discount, hehe... We actually emptied their fridge completely, and it was before 9am!
Then we went back to the hotel with 36 beers, kicked in the door to Davids room and started singing "happy birthday to you" and served the 36 beers to him in bed. The look in his face will be priceless forever!

It is even worse weather today, raining, and we have still no plans what-so-ever. Wish us luck.

Johan having a walk next to our hotel in Sao Paulo

Lining up the 1 Litre bottles of beer at the shop next to our hotel

Sunday dinner in Sao Paulo: Meat, bacon, egg, cheese, ham...
Goodbye calm stomach!

The poo-man, in the streets of Sao Paulo

Eric took us to a bar somewhere in Sao Paulo to continue the party

Party in Sao Paulo

36 beers for breakfast in bed - for the guy who turns 36 today!

Surprise! :-)

Live in Sao Paulo

Live in Buenos Aires

Posted by: Ana

You should come to Curitiba, my hometown is much more beautiful than São Paulo! lol

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the place where you played. But even with all the problems you kicked our asses :D

I hope you come back to Brazil soon, but the show will have to be in a good place.


2012-05-14 @ 19:25:44
Posted by: Eliane

I am sorry for the bad venue.I was there and I just loved the concert but you deserved a better place,indeed...and trust me there are lots of better venues in São Paulo.Anyway,how about visiting the Rock Gallery? Just ask Eric to bring you there : )

I am sure you gonna love the place.

hugs and thanks for the unforgettable night.

2012-05-14 @ 19:55:37
Posted by: Rafael


the concert was great regardless of the place without structure to receive you, I'm sad that for 10 minutes I lost a great chance to take a picture with you guys, I didn't think you would come out of backstage! take care, come back soon!

2012-05-15 @ 03:48:05
Posted by: Enrique

hey Michael !

how are you ? can you say me please when you arrive to colombia, im a colombian fan ! and i want to receive you and the other pain guys at the airport, please. hugs from bogota colombia and we are waiting for you to drink some beers ! :D

2012-05-15 @ 16:06:19

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