Finally arrived in Costa Rica

Yesterday was a crazy day in Pain world. We never thought when we left Bogota that the day will progress like it did. But sometimes i have to remind myself what band i am in... It shall never be easy, and it shall always hurt in any possible way, and we shall always expect the unexpected - never assume.
Note to self: Remind yourself every day that the band name is Pain.

When we came to the airport in Bogota to jump on our booked flight to San Jose, we were denied to check in right upon arrival in the que. Of course we were missing some stupid document. Yadayada, but we are used to this and we always have some troubles of any kind even if there is normally no trouble (remember the band name again) for "normal" people. As we still had our Colombian promotors around we just took a step back and let them deal with the situation. It got closer and closer to boarding time and they became more and more stressed, with pearls of sweat running down their cheeks. Different backup plans were tossed around: cancel the Costa Rica show and fly directly to Mexico, take a bus to Costa Rica (well, all ideas were not that bright), call the Swedish embassy in Colombia for help (we did with no luck), and so on...

When it was less than 25 minutes to take-off we still haven't checked in, and of course not went through immigration or security either. Then one of the promotors just yelled at us "check-in is closed, but three of you can go!" and just took Peter, Hede and Gerd (without any luggage) and ran with them through check-in, security, immigration and boarding. Obviously they now had found the right papers to go...

Okay. Pause. The situation that was pretty bad in the first place, suddenly got out of control. Here we were at Bogota airport in Colombia, with all luggage of the band (15 bags/cases), it is past take-off for our flight and only three of us went on that plane. Left on the airport with 15 luggage and a sweaty promotor was myself, David, Johan, Macke and Emanuel. Hey hoo, i love to be on tour... What was the band name again?
Then we got the message: "we will be on the next flight (and last this day) to San Jose and we have to bring all luggage. Apparently we now also got the right documents? I was confused. So it was nothing else to do than to wait. Wait and wait. Wait.. and then we waited. 9 hours after we had arrived at the airport, we boarded the plane to San Jose. A terrible bumpy flight (i really hate those flights!) felt like the perfect ending of this crazy day and after crossing Panama we finally landed in Costa Rica.

A suicidal taxi ride in 160km/h with a taxi driver writing SMS at the same time took us to the hotel downtown San Jose and i was in my hotel room around 1am. At this point i was exhausted and just wanted this day to end so i could forget it ever happened, and went into Peters room to see if everything was okay. There i found an empty bottle of Rum and he was missing. Here we go again... So i just gave up, reminded myself of the band name again, and went to sleep. Oh, did i tell you that my room has no windows?

Today i had breakfast at 08:30 (Breakfastpoints: 3) and then went for a walk in the city with David, Johan, Emanuel and Gerd. It is 27 degrees and a humidity of 86% here in San Jose, Costa Rica. Finally i can use the shorts i brought. This is a pretty "small" city with only about 400.000 people but it is located about 1.100 metres above sea level, so better than Bogota, but still not the height we are used to.

I am really looking forward to the show tonight, and i hope our fans understand what we had to go through to get here!  :-)

The memory that will be at the rock club wall after we left Bogota

Lost and confused in Bogota airport, El Dorado

Watching the sun go down in Bogota, during our 9 hours of waiting...

Finally, happily arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica. Better late than never

Breakfastpoints: 3 (rice, black beans, egg, bananas and toast)

San Jose, Costa Rica - palmtrees again! :-)

Having a walk downtown San Jose with David, Emanuel and Johan

Johan and Emanuel outside our hotel

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Ready for Costa Rica

Live in Bogota

Live in Bogota, throwing picks at the audience :-)

Live in Bogota, David throwing drumsticks at the audience :-)

Live in Bogota. Photo: Wilson Ramirez

Live in Bogota. Photo: Wilson Ramirez

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Hahaa! So what was your bands name...?

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