After we had arrived in Bogota yesterday and had our second breakfast that day, we all went to our rooms and fell asleep. I woke up some 4-5 hours later when David told me we are leaving the hotel to go sightseeing. Rise 'n shine!

This is not only a very big city, the heavy traffic seems to be a problem at any point during the day (or night). After a journey through the whole city we ended up halfway up the mountains that surrounds the city. It turned out that up there on the top of the mountain there's a catherdral and you can go there by cablecar / cableway and most of the gang wanted to do this. Okay. It's easy to be cocky when you are on your way there, but when we arrived at the ramp and i looked up... No fucking way! I remember almost shitting my pants when i was in the Eiffeltower in Paris so i knew this is not my cup of tea. Same thing for Peter, Johan and Macke but the rest of the gang went up. So we refused and took a looooong walk down the mountain together with our guides, to downtown Bogota instead.

There we found a bar and ordered a few 1,5 L pitchers of beer and was just watching the heavy traffic with a smile. I will probably always remember this city as the city of buses. I have never seen so many buses and the traffic looks like chaos to me, but probably it's not in their world. I am just not used to it. After a few hours the rest of the gang came and picked us up after their journey to the top of the mountain, and we all went back to the hotel for dinner.

After dinner we went to the rock club where we are doing our show tonight, and had a "meet & greet" signing event. We met loads of happy fans that seemed to be grateful that we have finally made our way to Colombia, and i guess we will see them all at the show tonight. Right now i am in bed at my hotel room writing this blog. I have woke up 05:50 this morning again, pissed off about my jet-lag, managed to sleep a little bit more, then went to breakfast with Johan at 07:00 just to get rid of the feeling of being restless for a while. Breakfastpoints:1.

The rest of this day is planned with lunch, go to the venue and do soundcheck, go back to hotel, dinner, back to venue and do the show, back to the hotel and sleep.

Reality check:
When i realised we were going to South America i was thinking "wow, this will be damn hot". So i packed sun lotion, shorts, swimming trunks and so on. Hahaha! We have barely seen the sun and have not been beyond 19 degrees so far! We have been in Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil and now Colombia, and still no shorts in the sun. Of course i am just being stupid and didn't remember that this is on the other side of the globe from where we live, so at this time of year it is not that hot. Note to self: check weather report before packing...

Macke, David and Hede before we went to the mountains

We witnessed a fire on our way to the mountains...

This is the cableway up the mountains... I would never do that.

Peter and i just decided that we will not go up there! :-)

Palmtrees again, hehe :-)

Downtown Bogota, Colombia

Downtown Bogota; Johan in the foreground, mountains the the background.

Having a break with some beers

This is by far the coolest concert ticket i've ever seen! :-)

Outside the rock club after the "meet & greet" event

Posted by: Erzulie

nice ticket!!!! @_@

2012-05-18 @ 16:55:21
Posted by: Maria

Amazing concert MIchael.... thanks for coming to Colombia...

Always welcome, I hope to see you soon ...

2012-05-19 @ 03:58:59
Posted by: Maria

Amazing show Michael !!!!.....Thanks for coming to colombia

Always welcome, I hope to see you soon ...

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