Bogota, part II


Damn you were loud! Damn you were hot! Damn you showed us how real Painheads kick ass in Colombia!

This show was close to a riot, and there is only one word to describe it - chaos! The guards had a really hard time holding up the security barriers... I almost passed out a few times on stage and it took me almost an hour to come down to normal pulse again after the show. You gave us everything so we gave you everything! I nearly threw up in the van on our way from the venue, and had difficulties to breath with asthma-like tendencies. Shit, you guys are killing me…! Then i realised why: Bogota is located 2.625 metres above sea level and it is more difficult to breathe here as it is, even without a hot Pain show in a sold out venue :-)

We couldn't get in to the venue before the show as the crowd outside were going totally crazy. We had to drive around the blocks several times until they could find enough guards to create a "human corridor" for us to walk through, from the van into the venue. Then we came back and ran into the venue right up on stage and kicked off the show.

After the show it was even more crazy so we had to run straight from the stage out on the street where our van was waiting with the engine running (surrounded by guards) to get us out of there as soon as possible. We had to do what we could to avoid a riot. Really.

Today we are leaving Colombia and are heading for Costa Rica. San Jose, are you also ready for some Pain?

"The Pro Tools brothers", Emanuel and Macke. The best backline crew in the world!

Got the latest delivery from RAWK with some new clothes to wear!

Found a guy who was balancing a bike on his forehead, in the middle of the street...

After the show in Bogota, Thank you Colombia! Photo: Jeann Andersson

Posted by: Patrik Borgkvist

Some nice shirts in a package! Rawk hard!

2012-05-18 @ 19:40:12

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