Getting ready for Metaltown!

Metaltown in Gothenburg! Oh yez :-)

We played there back in 2009 and i remember it was a really good show, so i have really high hopes for our return this year as well. At that point we spent all our money on a massive pyrotechnique show and it almost ended up in disaster when the wind suddenly changed direction, hehe... The day we played there in 2009 was the same day Michael Jackson were found dead. I was sitting at the X2000 train to Gothenburg with David and Jens and read about it online and sending text messages to Peter and Johan. Peter wanted to show his respect and... ...he dedicated the song "Bitch" to him on stage that day. As usual, it didn't come out that well, but his intentions were all good and honest, i can promise you that.

We will play at the main stage on saturday and will be the ones who will kick off that stage that day at 14:30. I saw on the running order that besides all big internationals acts there will also be many cool Swedish friends such as In Flames, Engel, HammerFall, Opeth and Candlemass. But i also realized that Anthrax is playing the same day which made me very happy! I have been a very big Anthrax fan since mid 80's, as i was very much into thrash music, so i will not miss them for sure! I remember when i first saw Dan Spitz with his black Jackson Rhoads i was totally blown away. Knowing that Scott Ian is also still a long-time Jackson player - we have something in common! That brings my memory back to the Jackson advertising campaign in 2010 with me, Chris Beattie, Joe Duplantier and... Scott Ian! Cheers to that :-)

On Saturday morning i will be on the early morning flight to Gothenburg with my Eleven Rack and my Jackson guitar as usual. As Metaltown is the only Swedish festival we do in 2012, i just have one thing to say: Swedish painheads, are you ready?

The Jackson advertising campaign 2010

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Live in Mexico City

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