Karlstad, Sweden. End of 2012.

Pictures below from the last show of 2012, in Karlstad Sweden (a sold out show), together with Sabaton and Raubtier yesterday.
I met a PAIN fan after the show who thanked me for doing this blog and told me that he had read every post and was a big fan. That made me very happy and felt like a good ending of 2012 when i jumped into the van with Andre and drove away from Karlstad.
I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! See 'ya all next year. Now i need some rest.
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Karlstad, Sweden. Photo: Robban Murray
Karlstad, Sweden. Photo: Robban Murray
Karlstad, Sweden. Photo: Robban Murray

Posted by: Robert Qvist

It was a great night! Thank you for the show! Awesome that you like my photos! Just one small thing, RobbanMurray is just my nickname over at CIU, my real name is Robert Qvist :) haha

But again, thanks for the show! I hope I get to photograph you guys again!

Svar: Thanks! I'll change the name next time, but this name was the only one i could find on-line. I am very serious about photo credits so i always make sure i find the right credit for any pic i publish.
Michael Bohlin

2012-12-23 @ 23:59:46
URL: http://robertqvist.com
Posted by: Markt

Yes Michael, keep writing this blog in 2013! It's very entertaining.

Svar: Thank you
Michael Bohlin

2012-12-27 @ 22:34:37

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